New Review Website

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Hi Music Lovers

The last days some people have IMed me about a new website.
I got all sorts of messages and didnt really knew why i would be interested in it.

Yesterday it got clear to me, its a webstite that is reviewing musicians
( with a rating system ) and some of you thought that i am involved in that.

Nope, im not.

I have gotten comments about musicians that they felt that the ratings they got
where the reason that venues cancelled their gigs.
Hard to believe that because you assume that venues know the artists that they book ?
So what another thinks of the music you book is really not that interesting.

I heard more rumours ( offcourse you would say )
and last night i took a look at the whole thing.
The website is this one :

click here

I looked and first thing i saw was this :

These ratings are our opinions. We are adding reviews, and news.

So there you have it, nothing to worry about,
just a website or blog like so many others.
And they made it clear that it is their personal opinion.

I looked at it and personally i think its strange that some artists who are rated dont have
any comments, but i guess that is their choise, nothing to worry about but if you really
want to know then just ask them ?

Someone said or i read it somewhere that this was a canadian website,
so i went to the full website to see if i could find anything.

Home Page

A nice website about SL i must say.
And it is showing who are behind it,
so i really dont understand where the rumours came from that i would be involved ?

The profiles of the 4 people are showing that they are from Portugal or speak Portuguese.
And the almighty WHOIS showed me that the domain is registered in Portugal.

So once again a storm in a glass of water ( dutch expression LOL )
Allthough the rumble behind all of this is suprising me.

First of all, i am not involved in any other website then this Blog,
its hard enough to keep this updated so why would i get involved with other sites.

Musicians should realise that they are in the center of attention.
People review you or give their opinions about you.
You can choose to focus on the bad ones, but i would advise to focus on the good ones.
maybe they are right ? maybe not ? normally the truth will be in the middle.
Some like you, some don’t and some like parts of it.
Its part of being a musician.

No need to get upset about it.
People didnt liked Verdi in their time, now we think he has the best opera’s

The thing that venues would cancel gigs is even more weirder.
Normally you book an artist that you like or that you heard play and where you think of
that it would be something cool for your venue.
What someone else thinks is not important, its your venue after all.

Just read that website, maybe you find new musicians you didnt heard before,
check em out and if you like it ……. book em.

Love, Peace and Melody


Listening to Music on SL.

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I know there are more tutorials on the net and inside SL.
But i guess it cant hurt to have another one, after all we try to do the same thing.

Inform new people how to enjoy music on SL.

First of all, let us make sure you have activated audio in your preferences.
Look at the picture and locate PREFERENCES ( or just hit Ctrl+P )


You can set a lot of things inthere, so you might want to look around a bit,
not now offcourse 🙂 now we focus on music only.
As you can see, lots of things go on there.
Normally all settings are Ok but just check it to be sure.

Click on AUDIO & VIDEO


I marked the things you need with a red circle

this activates the music player that is marked at the bottom
( the play button next to the music notes )

you have no music player at the bottom, so you cant hear live music.

Check the boxes ( the other one is for video that is sometimes used )
hit APPLY and the players appear as shown in this picture


If you go now to a place where there is live music,
you can use the music player to listen.
I shall explain more about this later on, first you gotta hear something right……
Most sims use a radio station when there are no events,
hit the play button to see if you can hear something.

If you dont hear anything it can be that you didnt checked the right boxes,
So check that again, or that the sim you are in now doesnt have a stream running.
Go to another sim to see if you can hear something,
most times venues or malls have allways some music running.

Next to the music player, you see a small loudspeaker with a pop-up menu


here you can control what you want to hear.
I allways have everything down except MUSIC and MASTER.
You know those loud screaming gestures ?

they are fun to use, but during gigs it can be annoying.
most gig hoppers have SOUNDS turned off so they dont hear them.


oeps, im spamming with HOOOO but i dont hear it myself 🙂
if you dont want to hear them,
slide the slider to the left
or click the loudspeaker next to it to mute it.

Back to the menu


MASTER speaks for itself, turn that off and you dont hear anything.
MUSIC this is for the stream, if this is off, you dont hear the musicians
MEDIA sometimes people play video clips or stuff like that,
this slider controls the volume of that
VOICE speaks for itself i guess, it controls the volume of voice
AMBIENT and UI are the SL sounds you hear,
waves-shoe sounds when you walk-birds etc.etc.etc.

Personally i dont want to hear anything except MUSIC, so i have every slider to the left
except MUSIC and MASTER.


But you can play with it to see what works for you.

Now you should be able to hear the musicians on SL.
Here you can read how to find gigs on SL

Using Events

Some other things regarding visiting live music events on SL.
And this is all my personal view, i am not representing anybody or the music scene.

some newbees to gig hopping have tolled me that they dont like to go because
they dont have money to tip, they are not sure yet if SL is something they really like,
so buying lindens is not an option right now.

Dont worry, noone will blame you if you dont tip.
Some people tip. some dont,
Some tip 1500, some tip 25

A musician and venue appreciates all tips,
they understand that some of us dont have money or less then others.

Dont worry about this,
if you really like the music or venue there are more ways to show this.
Let them know how you feel about what you hear,
send them an IM or throw it in the chat.
IM your friends and TP them in,
Join there group so you get notices when they play again
or have other events at the club.
Bring your smile 🙂


as i tolled earlier, i dont hear them
but some of us do.
To see what i mean you should visit a random crowdy gig
and slide the SOUND slider wide open……

Sometimes its hard to hear the music

Other gestures are like 15 rows of chat spam.
Fun to do, but be gentle with them.
Musicians like to read the chat to see what is going on
and its hard to do that when its covered with ascii-art.

Feel free to use them, but dont overdo it 🙂


Normally you dont voice at a gig
You can voice with your friends,
but please use Voice IM so others dont be bothered with it.

When you dont hear a stream and everything is ok,
you can try toggling the stream,
this means nothing more then hit start and stop button
on your music player a few times.
Normally when there are more shows,
the host or others ask you to toggle in between shows.
One artist drops the stream and another one takes the stream,
this can cause that you dont hear the new artist, toggle fixes it.

Everything on SL causes lag, its something we have to live with.
Even music has to suffer from it 🙂
The technique of streaming is very simple.

An artist sends his music to a website,
that website sends it to SL,
SL sends it to you

This is a simple explanation offcourse,
but the bottom line is that it takes some time.
Normally we hear what the artist does after aprox. 30 seconds
Artists respond to chat, but we keep on chatting offcourse,
so by the time the reply of the artist reaches our ears
we are allready talking about something else,
witch is sometimes very funny.

Sometimes you will notice it in other ways as well.
Assume you like an artist and you offer friendship.
Suddenly you get the message that the musician accepted it,
while they are still playing ?
hmmm looks weird right ?

Not really, the artist is ahead of you,
so he or she is allready finished.
But because of the delay you will still hear him play,
the message of accepting your friendship offer arrives sooner
then the stream does. Normally you see that the song you hear is finishing soon.

If you dont like what you hear
then the decent thing to do is to leave,
artists are used to people popping in and out.
Browse another gig in the event list and check that out.
What is not decent is to stay and shout out that it sucks.
There are others who are enjoying what they hear,
after all taste is a personal thing.

Musicians play music and sing their songs,
in the meantime they try to read the chat and talk to their fans.
They all like to greet you in person,
but sometimes they might miss you.
its nothing personal if they do 🙂

What you should do sometime is to take the musicians point of vieuw.
move your camera so you look into the audience from the stage.

You might see that it is sometimes hard to see names.
if there are lots of people, the names mix together,
blurring into one big mess on your screen.
People in the back you can see, but names are not shown yet.

Sometimes they have a GIG SUPPORT that informs them who pops in.
A gig support is an assistant of the musician,
they send notices, invites to the group, inform the musician during the show.
But they cant see everything offcourse,
they might be inviting people to the group while you pop in,
or IM the musicians that the stream has dropped.

Happy hopping,
if you have questions feel free to ask them.
The regular visitors are allways happy to answer your questions.
And remember, there are no dumb questions.

Love, Peace and Melody

My Comments on the Comments ( weird sentence btw )

•April 23, 2009 • 4 Comments

The last few days i had a lot of comments on my latest posts.
Thank god there where some in public, otherwise people would say something like

“yeah you can say people said that, but ……. ”

Truth is that i get a lot of personal comments of people
who dont want to respond in public for the obvious reasons.

Gig Hoppers tell me they dont reply in public because they want to keep on visiting
those musicians and venues without getting harrassed.
Musicians and Venue owners tell me the same thing,
people who work with or for musicians and venues drop the same message.

“We dont reply in public because we want to be able to do what we do
without the crazy people on our backs”

Personally i think this is the sad part,
there is no reason to harass people for their opinion.
You agree or you disagree,
harassment is for sick people and totally kills every discussion

One person asked me why i wrote all of this.
Why take the chance to be seen as the bad guy
and invite peope to take a shot at me.

Well, i dont give a damn to be honest.
I am hearing the complaints i talk about for a long time now,
Some tried to talk about it but get a hard time right away.

They stop because they have something to loose :
a good time on SL,
artists in their venues,

I have nothing to loose.
I dont perform on SL, i dont have a venue,
and i dont care what people think of me.

So i decided to take all those comments and ideas and post them on my blog.
I talked to a lot of people before i started this.
I wanted to get a clear view on what people thought about all of this.

2 people i can mention, Soundcircel and Roni.
I dont want them to be the victem of all of this,
so i asked if it was Ok to write this stuff.
( and more is about to come )

I represent Sound on SL,
it would be sad if people didnt showed up anymore
or didnt booked him because things that i write might upset them.

Roni has The Mini Bar and Ballroom, a venue that is her’s,
i have nothing to do with that whatsoever.
It would be sad if artists decide to ban that club
because they have the idea i am involved in that venue.

Both have no saying in what i write, this blog is my blog.
Noone else’s.

Now, the comments.

Im glad that gig hoppers reply on the blog itself.
It shows that they do know what is going on and that it has an effect.

I am not sure how to reply to some comments ?
Hexx mentioned that some artists have multiple gigs a day and that could cause
a dropping in the amount of visitors.

I followed some musicians who do that, and i cant back that up.
One night i followed Al Hofmann for 3 shows back to back,
i didnt saw a dropping in the amount of visitors, it was pretty steady.

Another night i followed Oldwolf, the more shows he did back to back
the more people came in and enjoyed the show.
They all hopped along the grid with OW and dragged in more friends.

Sometimes i follow an artist for 2 back to back gigs and you see a dropping,
but to say that is a reason ?

It depends on your fanbase i think,
if you have supportive fans then it shouldnt matter.
Some artists have a dropping with back to back gigs, some don’t.
That is something that each musician have to find out for themselfs.

Joaquin has a lot of gigs,
some nights the crowd is steady, some nights you see a dropping
and the third night with 3 or more gigs you see more people getting in.
Hard to say anything usefull on that.

Some time slots have 25 or more shows at the same time.
I dont see the problem to be honest.
If you would be able to pack all of those gigs,
then we still are only talking about

25×50=1250 visitors.

that aint that mutch.
The problem is that a lot of people stopped hopping gigs for some reason,
and it should be our job ( the people who are in the SL Music scene )
to try to get them back, that is the reason for all these posts.

Discuss what could be changed to try to get them back.

The biggest problem with SL stats is that you cant trust them.
You can have 25 avi’s at your show,
is that a good gig ?
first impression would be, yes.

But checking the stream stats you might see that only 15 are listening.
Is that still a good gig ?
10 are standing there and not listening

It could be that of those 15 maybe 2 are voicing with eachother in Voice IM,
so they turned the volume down
and they are not really paying attention to what you do.

What i am trying to say is that you dont know for sure what is going on.
Offcourse this has no meaning to the subject
but it shows that you can twist facts
to make them work for you, by doing that you are fooling yourself.


Music is Money,
it has been since the first musicians started to explore music.
A lot of the ( what we consider ) works of art
where nothing more then money makers for the composers.

A lot of the classical music was written on order and payed for.
Nothing wrong with that.

Money is a bad word these days in music.
I do know why offcourse, but it really isnt a bad thing.

I hear a lot of times that musicians should improve and get better.
You can read it all over the place. Blogs and forums filled with this crap.

Some musicians suck, they cant sing, they all play the same songs etc.etc.etc.

Strange to see that this is also said by other musicians,
but when it comes to money then everyone has the same stand ( in general )

Music and Money dont get along.

If this is true then you can not complain about the music on SL.
You cant complain on free stuff ?
Would you complain if you get a freebee dress and it doesnt look nice ?
Course not, you throw it away and buy one…..

A venue has no right complaining if they dont pay.
A musician has no right complaining about a venue if they dont get payed.
Tips are no payment, they are a bonus.
We should keep on tipping if we like what we hear and see.

If i ask someone to paint my house,
and dont pay him and he screws it up then it
would be dumb to complain. I can not demand anything without a payment.
I can give him some bucks if i like it,
but if he screws it up he doesnt get anything.

If i pay someone to paint my house i can set a standard.
I pay so i decide how it must look,
if he screws it up then i can complain and demand
that he fix it to what we agreed on.

If you hire a musician to play a gig and you pay him or her,
you have the right to demand a certain quality, after all it is your money.
You can demand something in return of the fee you pay.

If you get hired by a venue you also can demand things.
You could say :

“listen, you pay me to deliver a good show,
but you don’t put my shows in the events list ?
I want you to list it, in order to try to get as mutch people in as we can
so i can do the job you pay me for.”

they want you to do a good show,
so you can expect something in return as well.

When money is involved you will see that the quality of music would improve.
Oepssss what the hell did i say !!!

I hear that it is hard work to play on SL, so ???
Playing on SL is your personal choise, noone asked you to do this.
You cant complain if you agree to play for free.

If an artist gets payed then he better deliver quality,
otherwise he wont get new bookings.
Noone pays a musician that sucks,
especially if there are musicians who deliver what you ask for.

The general opinion is that musicians should get a more professional attitude
to their music, at lease that is what i read between the lines.
But why ?

The general idea is that money is bad
and you should do it because you love to do what
you do, and this is what is going on right now.

A bad singer who cant play, loves what he is doing.
He or she loves to sing ( bad voice or not ) but he or she is having a blast.

We can not say anything about that, it wouldnt be fair.
We dont pay after all, so we can not demand quality.
We can ask for it, beg for it, but we cant complain.

You all know by now that im not a Madonna fan.
But last year she earned more then 160 million.
She has sold over 250 million records worldwide,
a building full awards and gold & platina records.

The reason ?
she delivers quality…….

sure her voice isnt that good,
the music might be not that superb.
sure she uses recorded tapes during her shows.
But at the end she delivers what we expect.

If she wouldnt have done that through out her career,
then she wouldnt be this famous.
If you like her level of quality is something else.
I dont like it, but i really dont think that Madonna cares 🙂

Bottom line is that because she is getting payed for this,
she has to deliver her level of quality.
People pay her and expect this from her.
Money isnt that bad in music.

Love, Peace and Melody

Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 3 )

•April 21, 2009 • 3 Comments

Music slips out to the street,
its a dark night and the wind carries the music to your ears.
You walk in some old blues club, people sitting at the bar, some are dancing,
but they all listen to a blues band on stage.

The club is filled with smoke from cigars and cigarettes,
the smell is a perfume of old beer and sweat,
its hard to see faces in the dark and the music is loud…….

Awhhh the romantic side of music,
personally i love places like that.
It breathes music and history,
great artists have been on stage when they where not famous yet.

We all know these clubs, photos hanging behind the bar,
most time autographed offcourse,
some old guitars or other instruments hanging above it,
like trophys from a safari,
a musical safari.

The staff welcomes you friendly
“come in and enjoy the show, watcha having ?”
You sit down, they get you a cold beer
“you never been here before right ?”

They tell you who is playing,
most times they know everything about the musician on stage.
If you show some interest they tell you all about this place,
if not they let you enjoy the music.
But you feel at home…….

A club like that is awesome, most times the music is good.
If the music is something that you don’t like
then at least you have music loving people to talk too.

On SL there are a lot of venues,
like a lot of venues in RL started by music fans.
They love music, they love people and they combine that love.
But somewhere down the line ( just as in RL )
it went wrong with some of us.

I can only talk “in general”
There are a lot of good venues on SL,
they work hard, they invest personal money,
they give you a good feeling, with other words : they are good venues,
both paying ones and tips only places.
This is not against them offcourse.

Would you go back in RL to a venue
where you have the feeling that you are not welcome ?
You might do it, but i wouldnt go a second time.

People have different reasons to start a venue on SL.
But the keywords should be : Entertainment with Live Music.

If this isnt your goal then why even call it a venue or club or stage ?
The customer ( on SL the visitors ) should be your first priority.
They have to feel welcome,
they have to have a good time, they are the ones that should
be entertained, what you feel or think about it is totally not interesting.

Offcourse it is your place, so you call the shots.
But without visitors your precious live music venue has no meaning at all.

You might hate danceballs,
but you better have them all over the place because we love to dance
You might love to drag in 25 people
who are only interested in playing your sploder or trivia
but it is annoying to the music fans
( the real target people you are after )

You maybe busy during a gig with other things
and therefor have no time to greet or to talk to us,
but it shows no respect to the musician on stage and his or her fans.

The big difference between SL and RL is the money offcourse,
in RL a venue has to earn money, if not then they dont last long.
They earn money with tickets,
and small ones ( consider them as tips only places )
earn their bucks through the beverages and stuff like that.
( simply said cause big venues earn a lot on their beverages as well etc.etc.etc. )

On SL venues dont earn money, they only pay.
You might think that this gives you the right to do as you please.
But so have we, the visitors

There are bad venues in RL,
It depends how you look at it offcourse.
Big arena’s have normally a bad sound, tickets are expensive,
but ( in general ) the atmosphere is good,
the staff are friendly, helpfull, trying to give you
a good time for the money you paid ( again in general )

Simply said,
RL venues run on money, SL venues run on love for music

It is strange to see that there are venues on SL
who have no idea what they are doing,
We all know the venues, we all have been there.

The lag is horrible,
stage is hard to find so you end up at the other side of the sim
and most times they disconnected the ability to fly.
you have to walk around and look for the stage,
most times you IM someone who can drag you in.
you get unasked “things” every 5 minutes.
And we can add hundreds, maybe thousends of complaints to this list.

This is no explanation on why their are less people going to a show.
You can not blame it on one thing, its an add up of everything.
Offcourse there is a recession, i hear that all the time these days
But i don’t buy that.

In times of recessions people look for entertainment,
a way to escape every day’s problems,
loosing money, loosing jobs etc.etc.
Going to a gig on SL is a good way to relax.
There is no need to tip the artist or venue,
you do it or you don’t, it is not an obligation.

On SL music is free,
in RL we might see a dropping but thats easy to explain.
why would people pay 100 dollar for a ticket
if they are about to loose their job ?
And a lot of times you see that those people will buy one,
“we deserve some get away,
now we still have that 100 bucks so we might as well spend it,
maybe it will be the last time for a long time”

But a bad venue on SL doesnt help to keep the visitors coming back.
We all heard the people that are saying

“why would i go ?
i cant walk, i crash every 10 minutes,
chatlag is horrible, there are no dances,
they nag constantly for tips,
they dont greet, they dont make me feel at home etc.etc.etc.”

And i must admit that i cant blame them.
I have been to venues that dont even have couple dances
I have been to venues where the owners
are more interested in Sploder games or other games
I have been to venues where they welcome you
with an automatic greeter.
We all have….

We go back if someone plays, but a lot are smarter then us.

Thinking about venues it is diffecult to keep it in track,
every detail is connected to eachother.
And most times people take it personal, witch is not the case.

One of the cool things you hear all the time is
“without venues there would be no music scene”
witch is a joke offcourse.

On SL you dont need a venue to play,
you need a stream and someone that places the url in the land section,
doesnt matter if it is a mall, a house, a venue or a dump waste.
You can play anywhere you like, throw in the stream and there ya go.
There is no real need for a dedicated live music venue.
It add’s something if it is a good one, but it is not needed.

The whole system is a bit out of direction.
Some venues pay, others dont, some do it both
some have sponsors, others dont, some have 50/50

I am in constant battle with a musician.
He doesnt want fees because he is sick of the fights about it,
he doesnt rezz a tipjar or nags about tips.

I want him to get payed for his work,
playing music is a service you do, or a job or whatever you call it
and should be rewarded.
Musicians have their expences, they put in time and effort.
Offcourse you can say
“yeah but they allready have those instruments
and they write music anyway so….”

Try that with your garage when you have your car fixed next time
“you allready have those tools and a building and a mechanic ?
so why do you charge me for that ?”

Offcourse it isnt exactly the same, but you know what i mean.
you want them to do something for you, right ?
You book them after all.

People pay for a dress, a house, more prims or for a hooker.
So why not for someone who works his ass off to entertain you an hour ?
A good hooker is done in 5 minutes, so paying an artist isnt that bad at all.

During a gig it is expected that an artist asks to tip the venue.
It has become the standard.
Euhhh but hold on for a minute……

wasnt this a tips only place ?
The service they offer sucks
I dont see danceballs or an intan ?
They dont make me feel at home
This paying venue has like a 100 tipjars out,
for everyone who might be doing some work for them ?

Tipping on SL is in general to cover the costs or to show appreciation.
But the costs are a personal choise.
They dont pay the artists in a tips only place,
so the tips are for the staff, the tier and all other things.
Paying venues choose to pay musicians

Nagging for tips constantly ( paying or tips only places )
might be number one on the list of annoying things.

I dont mind that you do, you see tipjars everywhere.
If you go to a mall you will see them as well,
some sims have tipjars where you can show your support.
Strange offcourse, when you think about it

you want that sim,
you want to sell clothes,
you build that mall.
you like to build some artwork thing
and yet it is normal to tip to support your costs

My view is, if you can not afford it then dont click the buy button.
Im not talking about venues only, but in general on SL.
You dont have the cash ? dont buy…….

You want to have a venue, we didnt asked you to build one,
you want someone to work for you and ask for money on air,
but you don’t pay them for their work ?

“yeah but i allways tip at least 1 K”
Then just say so when you book them
“I pay 1 K, take it or leave it”
The artist knows what to expect,
you show respect to his or her work and above all
you can demand something.
You pay, so you can expect something in return.

I heard stories about some places complaining
about the service that was delivered by the artist.
Well if youre not paying then you can not demand anything.

if you tip allways 1 K then you are just a paying venue,
you can call yourself a tips only but you are not, you pay a standard fee.

Before this all explodes,
i tip the venue, even the tips only places.

I tip if i like the venue and the staff,
if their is a good atmosphere,
if they are really trying to add something.
I dont care if it is a payed or tips only venue.
If i like it then i tip.

My point is that we take this for granted.
A lot of venues expect to be tipped, they hope to break even maybe.
Hoping that we cough up their tier and staff and expences
But i dont blame them offcourse.

Most artists to both, grab that fee if you can and if not then accept tips only
Looks a bit strange offcourse if you look closely to it.

One gig is worth to be payed for, and the other isnt ?
One gig you perform better or put in more time, therfore you need that fee ?
One gig you have more expences ?
Is there a difference between playing at a venue you dont know or a friends venue ?

Charity events are without any doubts, ask a fee there and your a plain idiot.

If you are honest then their is no difference.
A gig is a gig,
costs can be different if you have the bad luck to break a few strings or something,
but the basic costs are the same.

Again, i do understand this, some places dont pay and you want to play there as well.
And it really has nothing to do with a dropping down in the amount of visitors.
But it all adds up. People hear about this all over the place.

A lot of times i have to explain to a new music fan why a venue who doesnt pay asks for tips.
They ask me why an artist asks a fee today, and play for free tomorrow.
What can i say ?

If you get tips for your venue during gigs, even nag about them,
and dont have the decenty to greet people in person, but use a scripted thing,
because its a lot of work to look who gets in.

if your to lazy to throw out some danceballs or intan machine
( they cost money after all )

if you dont care to create a nice atmosphere,

if you are more interested in playing a sploder or some other game

if you hear eveybody complaining about the lag in your place and you see everyone
crashing every couple of minutes including the artist on stage, but you dont fix that.

Then why would we even go to a gig at your place and tip ?

I have been in tips only venues witch throw out their gestures every few minutes.

Keep Music alive, Help us pay the artists. TIP the venue

Euhhhhhh ?????
you dont pay em ?????
Why would i pay you ?????

If you want more tips, then make sure you earn them.
An artist is on stage for an hour, playing-singing-entertaining.
Standing there, not creating a nice vibe, not replying to IM’s and only talking to your friends
aint gonna work.

New visitors dont feel welcome at some places, so why check out a next gig ?
They think or expect that this is a normal thing,
and they dont have the time or need to check out other venues,
this one sucks so the rest must suck as well.

There are paying venues as well, and it would be bad to only talk about tips only places.
Sometimes they have a lot of staff and all have a tipjar.
Do we tip them all ???
If we tip everyone L$ 100 and there is a host, 3 dancers, the general tipjar and the artist one.
then its L$ 600 a gig, go to 4 shows a night, 7 nights a week…….

Its hard to tell who have the better venue, and that discussion is not important.
Its how you treat your visitors.

Is it important if it is a paying or tips only place ?
Offcourse not, bottom line is that the visitors have to be entertained.
And a lot of times this is where it all goes wrong.

I know there is some friction between some venues,
but there is no need for this, it creates a bad vibe.
You wanna have tips only ? then please do
You wanna pay ? even more welcome

Both have their pro and cons.
Both add some spice to the music scene.

But both have to keep in mind
that it is the visitor who should be in the center of things,
not the musician on stage,
not the host,
not the owner,
noone else but the visitor.
Treat the visitor well and you got yourself a good running venue.

Love, Peace and Melody

Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 2 )

•April 19, 2009 • 7 Comments

First of all,
thank you all for your reactions on my previous post.
We all have our own opinions on this and i am happy to vent them all.
I do realise that some of you dont want to respond,
stick your head out and someone might cut it off, right.

This brings me to another important reason why all our efforts are
( in a way ) useless if we dont change something.

Drama, Ego etc.etc.etc. !!!

I know this is going to be a tricky one, but i dont care.
Humans are the only species that search for drama as far as i know.
I dont know why, but some people love to get involved in sneaky things.
Is it the power they think they have ?
the fun to see other people get hurt ?
a way of getting back to someone ?

The problem with this stuff is that it stops the discussion,
what starts as a big discussion or conversation, ends with a small incrowd,
petting eachother on the back how cool they are.

Other people simply dont share their thoughts, and to my knowledge
2 know more then 1, 20 know more then 10 etc.etc.etc.
Offcourse you can say
“but if 50 talk then you just keep on talking and nothing happens”
That’s true. but if only 10 people talk who are “the incrowd”
then nothing happens as well,
they are to busy looking for more dirt, or to create dirt
or to praise eachother.

The last months i have been hearing the most amazing things,
all those drama stories and ego issues
makes it hard to really boost the music scene.

DD mentioned in his blog the method of promoting eachother.
Visit eachother gigs and tp in your friends.
Its a great idea witch i support,
but looking at those stories i can see why this doesnt happen.

Would you go to a show if you know that other artists
are hopping around asking venues to NOT to book you ?
Would you go to a show if you heard artists
have bought that gig from the venue ?
Would you go to a show, if you are getting slammed around
for no reason at all ?
Would you go if you know that they are talking
behind your back about stuff ?
Would you help others if the only thing you get in return is drama ?

course you would, you would go there, tp in all your friends,
ask for tips, and you even going to tell the venue
to give the artist on stage a 5K weekly gig.

Course not, what do you care ?
you just want to do your thing, and the rest can go to hell,
why share your ideas ? why even help or support others ?

In a way this goes for the Ego thing as well.
I know that some artists hate eachother
simply because the other one is getting famous,
or draws a bigger crowd, or has paying gigs
while they think that the artist doesnt deserve it.
They try to take him or her down instead of focussing on their own music.

Is this some kind of Kinder Garden ?

What do you care ?

Artist A asks 5 K, Venue wants to pay, nothing wrong with that.
He might even ask 25 K, as long as the venue wants to pay its ok.
The Venue thinks Artist A is worth it, if not then they wouldnt pay.
But Artist B thinks he is a better musician or more fun or whatever,
so why are they even booking Artist A ?
damn im the cool shit on SL ? i am the real star ?

The other artist is, in your opinion, better ?
ever heard of practise ? learning ? improving ?

You can create your own niche market, especially on SL.
think about what you do, go around and see what others doing.
There are about 400 musicians active, if 200 are doing the same thing
then you should know that it will be hard to get yourself noticed.
Drama isnt they way to do that.

But in a way i can understand this,
i dont agree and totally hate this stuff,
but it is somehow related to music.
Personal Drama is even more worse and totally out of place in the music scene.

I have had some issues with people,
music issues, do i hate the people i “fought”,
do i go round spreading rumours ?
do i make it harder for them to do their job ?

course not, music and personal things are seperared.
I remember a statement made by Johan Cruiff
( famous soccer player and coach )
They asked him about friendship in the team and stuff like that.
He answered something like

“you dont need to be friends to work with eachoter,
friends go to eachother birthdays or out for dinner.
I dont need to be your friend on the field, we just do our job”

What he means is that being friends is nice, but not needed at all.
I can do great buisness with you, while i might hate your guts.
Its not important if i like you, we are not dealing with a friend thing.

I can support your music, but maybe i hate your personality.
I can support you, but hate the way you are off stage.
I can support you and dont agree with who you partnered or something like that.
If i dont want to see you, i just leave you alone and let you do your thing.
I expect that people do the same with me.

Offcourse noone is guilty on this,
we dont do that, the others might, but we aint doing that.
The SL Music scene is big, if you really hate someone then just dont go to the gig.
Life can be so easy.

I have seen people at shows,
while they are backstabbing them at the same time ?
i dont get that ?
Just dont go ? focus on your own things.

We all know the SLMC forum.
It could be a great resource for SL music,
but we also know that a lot of us don’t participate in it,
they read but don’t reply because they don’t want the wrath of the freaks.
People on the forum send me PM’s that they dont reply because of the drama.
The strange thing is that i understand this,
why would a musician draw attention to theirselfs with replying ?
why take the chance to get a pile of shit on you for an opinion you have ?

Now that i am writing this
( and quoting famous dutch people )
i remember a dutch cabaret guy,
he was talking in one of his shows about opinions.
He said something like ( freely quoted )

” we all have opinions,
i have an opinion and then someone has another one,
and the third one has a new opinion.

If jesus would come back right now and gives a great speech
then someone would yell, well thats your opinion.

Cancel the freedom of speech, forbid it,
and the person who has the guts to talk then,
that is the person i would love to listen too ”

I am a member, i have been reading the replies on most topics.
Funny to see how some just reply to get a riot going.
They don’t have an opinion but reply by one rule, reply negative.
If the discussion is about fees, then they are against it.
If their is a new discussion about tips only,
then they are nagging that they should get a fee.

It doesnt make sence,
it doesnt add anything,
but others don’t reply because they see the stupidity of those replies.

We all try to hide this stuff, noone talks about it,
its all in IM and with notecards etc.etc.etc.
But the regular fans are not dumb.
They see these things, and offcourse people have the habit of talking.
I can imagine they wouldnt go to shows anymore,
there are a lot of things wrong in the music scene,
and if you notice that there are weird things going on, on top of that
then why even bother to go ?

We dont have to be best friends,
we dont have to like eachother at all.
But we do have to respect eachother.
Opinions are not based on the fact if you like someone,
they have to be based on what you think or believe
its a personal view, so it never can be bad.
looking at a lot of opinons then a lot of us dont think at all.

What a waste…….

Is there current a music crowd recession ?

•April 15, 2009 • 4 Comments


The next post is a reaction to DoubleDown’s blog.
He asked me to read it and give my ideas about it.

His post can be found Here


Attracting people to come to see live shows,
and after that keep them coming,
is and will allways be a problem.
You have a group of die-hard gig hoppers, and the rest come and go as they please.

in RL a lot of people go to a gig for a night out, it is a treat for them.
Something they maybe do once a month, but sure not on a daily basis.
On SL it is more of a habit, and mutch easier to do.

Log in and you see an average of 60-80.000 people online.
Its hard to estimate the amount of gigs ( not all are listed or promoted )
But i think ( wild guessing here ) an average of 25 shows migh be accurate.

Assume that each show has an average of 20 people,
do a little magic on the calculator
and we see 500 people visiting a gig at the same time.
thats less then 1 % of the people who are online.

I would love to see those stats in RL,
Holland has about 16.000.000 citizens.
That would mean 160.000 people going to a gig at the same time.
And that aint happening.
We maybe have between 20-30.000 at one gig,
and we are not having 8 big gigs a day.
Check them for your own country or state-region
to see how it is at your area.
Its hard to estimate the “smaller” gigs, the local pub gigs etc.etc.etc.
But i dont think that 1 % is really bad ( in RL )

Offcourse this is RL,
people pay big bucks for a concert, have to plan it maybe,
find a baby sit, drive maybe 2 hours etc.etc.etc.
So lets forget about that.

In general there are 3 groups of residents.

1) The ones that care
2) The ones that dont care
3) The ones that care but have other reasons for not going.

Group 1 and 2 are very clear.
Some of us just dont care for live music,
whatever we do they are not interested.
We have to accept that and stop wasting time and energy on them.

I know there are sports events on SL.
But dont try to get me to go to a sports event on SL.
I am not interested in it,
i dont care how nice it looks or how good it is all done.
I just wont go …….

I stopped trying to get newbees to come to gigs.
The ones that are just online are anxious to “do” things,
they want to see it all, live it all at the same time.
They have this urge to fly around like maniacs and dont waste time.
I can understand that, when you just logged in it might be overwhelming.

You need to get that urge out of your system,
so i scan profiles and check how long they
are on SL, avies between 0-3 months i leave alone.
Let them have their adventures, let them explore and learn.
If they get bored with what they do, then its time to grab them,
and most times i notice this happens after 2-3 months.

We also have to accept that their is a group of residents that love music,
they might even visit a lot of gigs in RL,
but they have other reasons to be on SL.
They just want to build or script, design clothes
or fullfill their fantasies.
After all it is a virtual world and for a lot of us an escape from RL.

Music is RL, no matter how you look at it.
It is a subconsious connection to RL.
walking around like a tiny or a fairy, or a medivial queen is not.

There are a lot of reasons why people wont go to a gig,
but really i am not interested in that for now.
We have to find ways to get people to come to gigs,
that are interested but dont know how to do it.

I have to believe that their is a drop down of people going to gigs,
i mean i registered last year november or so,
the days with an average of 30-40 was before my time.

When you look at all of this, then something is really wrong.

LME has 4028 members
SLM 1119
SL-Events 2954

to pick a few groups.
I see some artists have big groups.
1000 and more, saw someone with a group of 4000+

But still we are only able to get about 500 people to live music ?
And i dont care if its 500 or 800 or 1000.
The numbers dont match at all.

Offcourse we can not add those numbers.
We all have the same groups offcourse.
Spam LME and SLM and you dont get the message out to 5147 people.
most likely it is around ( just some guessing ) 3500.
Again the numbers are not that important.
Still not enough people show up at a gig according to the stats.

So why are people in a group ?
We must not look at it from our p.o.v
but we have to take the view of the music fans.

A lof of those members are “space fillers” they get an invite, accept it without caring.
If i go to a newbee place and add newbees to a group then i can boost it bigtime.
Maybe a few starts to check out those LM’s being send,
but ( look at the numbers ) the biggest group isnt.
This will be allways be a problem, people join groups because they can join.
Maybe it has a nice tag, or maybe they like the artist or group but they are not that interested
to go to the shows.

Focussing on groups is not that important in my opinion.
If it would really work then spamming through LME would be enough to pack a sim.
4000 + members in one group and a total of maybe 500-1000 listeners at 25 shows ???
Something is not right…….

When i am at a new place, a lot of times i get an unasked invite.
I use to accept out of policy, you do that when your new on SL.
Now i click it away and dont care what they think of it.
But a lot keep on accepting and rotating groups.

There is talked about groups a lot, and it will be hard to come up with a good system,
It can work with a personal group.
Dont add people at random, mention the group and the ones that let you know who are interested
are the ones that most likely will respond to a notice.

Whats the use of having a personal group of 2000 +
if, through that group, maybe 10-15 show up ?
it means that your group is filled with people who dont really care if you play or not.

Best thing ( in theory ) would be to have one SL Music group.
But then we have the problem, how to send notices ?
25 gigs an hour means at least 25 notices being send.
So you are clicking and reading constantly,
( assuming you are reading those novel like notices )
because there are shows all the time.

Group IM wont do as well, it would mean 25 IM’s in about 10 minutes to come to a show.
Offcourse you only reach people who are IN the group.
You dont attract new people because they dont get the notices or IM’s

Thinking further, if we cant spam because there is too mutch spam,
then why even bother ? offcourse we all do it, because it has become a habit.
And dont get me wrong, it works for people who are allready hopping gigs.
If an artist who i like is playing, then i get 4-5 notices of that.
I go because i allready want to go, the notice comes in handy to remember the time
But it doesnt attract new people.

I think the only way ( untill someone finds a good solution )
is the events list.

It can be checked by everyone, but it has to change.
It has to become easier to check, LL has to promote it better on their website.

I checked the SL website, and you can find the event list,
but its hard ( especially if you dont know that there is one )

There is a very small link at the bottom of the site,
included in a section of buying land, lindens, bizz talk.
LL should promote the event section at the top.
They talk about entertainment, so make it a link to the events section.
Its a small thing to do, but people might click the underlined word ENTERTAINMENT
and there ya go.

You will end up here :
Looks nice but i miss a few things.
This would be the perfect place to include some tutorials about how to listen to music,
how to set your audio etc.etc.etc.

A lot of the newbees dont know this stuff,
we can explain it but a lot of times they dont want to be bothered by this,
they want action !!!
If they can find it ( easily ) on the LL website,
they might check it out and remember it the next time they log in.

This brings me to the next step.
We know their is an event list, we know how to do things.
I am no computer guru or website designer, so im not sure if it can be done.
But it would be cool if new members would get a message each day if they log in.
Offcourse not all the time, but lets say, one every 24 hours for the first 7 days.
I dont mean the log in screen itself, who reads that anyway ?

They log in, and after a few minutes a pop-up window appears in the center of their screen
saying something like :

Did you know you can listen to music on SL ? here is a link to a tutorial
Did you know there are events sutch as Live Music, Poetry Readings, Sports games ?
click here to open the events list.


Offcourse they dont react right away, but they see it.
So they know there are things like that,
after a few days ( when they learned things and spend some hours on it )
they might be interested to check it out.

Why after a few minutes ?
Because that has a bigger effect, if they see it right away they might click it away,
they have places to see, IM’s to answer.
Wait a bit and they notice it, they might not respond right away, but it gets known.

LL could make it easier for us.
I think they could make it so we can give some kind of url to the Live Music section.
I know Soundcircel has a stage sign that connects to his group, click it and his groups opens.
I dont know if that can be done with the event list but it would sure be easy to promote the list.

LL can promote it all over the place.
they have the power to do so.
Now people click on search but maybe they dont notice the event section
( its way in the back of the list )
LL could put a message in the general search : click here to browse for cool events.
They could post a link all over the place if they want too.

We have to clean up the events list ( the Live music section i mean )
Now we see double listings, not all gigs are in there and the descriptions are not helping at all.
All musicians are genius, RL ones with lots of experience and all are unique on SL

Yeah, whatever…

Again, im not an expert on websites and script languages but wouldnt it be possible to
create a database ( its all in their right now after all )
where people can list their events with the following details :

First name artist
Last name artist
Date and Time
max of 25 words description ( or another number, but limited so long novels are not possible )
and the url to the venue.

This would make it easier to clean it up.
Double names at the same date and time can be blocked out by some script.
They could do it now as well, but you can cheat.
I could list a soundcircel gig a couple of times, even if they have some checking script.

I can say :

Soundcircel at noon at The mini Bar
The tiny bar presents Sound ( oeps a clever screw up with the venue name )

Leave out all unneeded info and it gets easier to check.
You get a simple form
First box you write the first name
Second box you write the last name
select date and time
Description ( now is 1024 character limit, but that is a lot more then 25 words )
fill in the rest and add the LM

It will be listed only with the performers name-date-time and a button that sais TP
Easy to browse, easy to keep clean and better to work with.
You cant post other things, because you need a first and last name
so you cant post something like ( taken from todays postings )

the name Bon Jovi is not in the database, so it must be not real.
Ii think its just a bunch of avies on stage while they play Bon Jovi mp3’s

PARTY IN CLUB ~venue name~!!!

their is no name, and the description sais :

Come on over and lets have a GREAT party!!
Talk,meet and greet,make and have fun,sploder
(Join the GLOBE or the RED HEART above the dancefloor,or join BOTH)
and have an AWESOME time in our CLUB with the great music.
Try the famous TRANCE SHUFFLE by clicking the Main Danceball.
Also room enough for couple dancing!!
Don’t be late now and oh,don’t forget to VOTE!

about 75 words or so, nothing to do with live music at all.

Those posts wouldnt be able to do,
offcourse people would try to cheat, but it would get harder, and easier to check.

The venue name is not needed at all,
if i ( and i think this goes for the majority ) go to an artist then i dont care where it is.
all i want is a button to get there.

I think ( no expert, so i might be wrong ) that it is even better for the datebase as well.
Less info to deal with.

Owhh i see this is becoming a long post.
So i shall stop now, and respond to DD’s blog in different sections.
And as allways, keep on replying and giving your opinion.
More will come soon……

Love, Peace and Melody

SL Music Gigs

•April 7, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Good Day Music Lovers

I will continue promoting your orginal music offcourse,
after all this is my personal blog ~lol~

April 7 (Tuesday)
Buckley Moonwall, Orchard Music Park at 5 PM

April 8 (Wednesday)
Soundcircel, Ocean Tropical at 12 PM

April 9 (Thursday)
Charles Coleman, Fibbers Magee at 5 PM
Komuso Tokugawa, Triumph Cove at 6 PM

April 10 (Friday)
Soundcircel, Lost Continent at 2 PM
Peregrine Singh, San Diego at 8 PM

April 11 (Saturday)
Soundcircel, Mini Bar at 2 PM
Bookmite, Blarney Stone at 7 AM
Matthew Perreault, Triumph Cove at 5 PM
Tone Uriza, Triumph Cove at 8 PM

April 14 (Tuesday)
Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, Orchard Music Park at 6 PM

April 16 (Thursday)
Busker Roxley, Triumph Cove at 5 PM
Komuso Tokugawa, Triumph Cove at 6 PM

April 18 (Saturday)
Charles Coleman, Triumph Cove at 5 PM

April 23 (Thursday)
Soundcircel, Rain Forrest at 11 AM

April 27 (Monday)
Soundcircel, The Vibe at 12 PM

April 29 (Wednesday)
Soundcircel, Lost Continent at 02 PM