Robie Bloch – Soundcircel Flanagan – Norris Shepherd

Last night i had the luck to be at the opening of

The Mini Bar and Ballroom.

A new venue that concentrates on tinies,
but don’t worry its big enough for us big avi’s as well

It was opened by Robie Bloch,
dressed as a cute tiny she did her awesome set.
I have been written before about Robie,
i really love her voice and the songs she plays are awesome.
She has the gift to suck you into her music
and it doesnt matter what she plays,
all songs show her love for music
and she can allways wake me up and sing some songs for me ~wink~

Most people where tiny for this opening and that was fun.
However there was one little annoying fox.
He came in, started to hit on all the girls,
jumped in a hottub, he even layed his claws on Sin Speculaas
( and believe me, you don’t wanna mess with Sin ~lol~ )

Yes LittleNoisyFox Delight
( or better known as Soundcircel Flanagan ) is back
After some tech issues he totally blew us away.
We all know what happened last year,
but with the help of some dear friends
he made it back to SL after being away for 7 months.

It is hard to say something without using words like :
genius, amazing skills etc.etc.etc.

Sound had to record all new backing tracks,
playing all instruments himself.
But because he records his own backings
he is able to create new songs out of covers.
Changing parts, adding new instruments, you name it
The guy has a way of doing things and when i listened it suprised me.

How mutch talent can you have ?

Aerosmith’s Dream on,
one of my favourite alltime songs
but the way played by Sound it is even a better one.
He threw in some Eruption followed by Jump
Mixed two Metallica songs into one,
Played My Immortal, and who needs Amy Lee ?
Started Sweet child of mine as a classical piece
but slowly it became the version we know.
He even layed his fingers on Barry Manilow’s Mandy.
And who does an instrumental version of Fergie’s Big Girls don’t cry ?
Well……. Sound does

He also played a few orginals.
Sound tolled me that it is more diffecult to re-record orginals
but that he is working on it.
The orginals are even more amazing,
think Vai, think Satriani, think Oldfield but then different
i think Sound is a mutant with 4 hands and 10 fingers on each of them.
It must be ?

The thing i like most about Sound is that he is
by far one of the most gifted musicians you will find,
but he doesnt show off.
Its hard to explain what i mean,
but you would expect one big guitar orgasm.
But he plays his music and you don’t notice anything,
accept that you are constantly thinking
“how does he do that ?”

If you want to hear a true musician,
gifted, orginal and unique then make sure to catch a gig.

Later on Norris Shepherd finished the opening of The Mini Bar
but it was to late for me to see that.
But knowing Norris it must have been one hell of a party !!!
I like Norris and i am sorry i missed that one.

The Mini Bar is open now,
and if this night is going to be the standard for what they wanna do,
then i am pretty sure we can enjoy music their for a long time.

Love, Peace and Melodies


~ by homelessmartian on March 8, 2009.

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