Update History

I thought it would be a smart thing to give an update
about what is going on with the History Project.

After a smashing start it seems to be bleeding out.
And i shall give you my thoughts about this.

Lots of people ask me what happened ?
is it still on ?
what about that tour ?

When i started this project i handed out hundreds of
Notecards, IM’s, PM’s on forums and Facebook etc.etc.etc.

Sended them to musicians, venue owners, fans etc.etc.etc.
It was strange to see that only a small number took the effort to reply,
it is even stranger to see that some complained about NOT being it
but after i gave them the notecard i never heard a thing again.

Awh well, as i said in the beginning, i don’t need to do this.
A historian needs info to be able to create something,
check facts, doublecheck facts and go on to the next.

I see there is a big interest, because the History pages are still
the most viewed on my Blog.
But without info i cant do anything.
I still am on it, and new info will be added offcourse.

The same goes for the History On Tour.
In the beginning musicians and venues joined,
then it stopped and some backed out.

Again, this is cool with me.
I am very easy with things like this.
I thought it would be a nice idea to celibrate 5 years of Music,
but maybe i was wrong ?

A History Tour with only a few musicians playing in a few venues
is not a real History Tour in my opinion.

I know SL is a great but very fast metaverse.
Once you join and walk around, time seems to get a new meaning.
Lots of things can happen in a few day’s.

So i do understand that people forget about this or simply dont have
time enough of to reply.
For me it is the same, i handed out the requests and that is it for me,
i don’t have time to haunt people down for info or the tour.

Simply said :
The History Time Tabel will go on
The History Stories will go on ( if i get good stories offcourse )
The History Tour, could go on if people still want it.

Love, Peace and Melodies


~ by homelessmartian on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Update History”

  1. Unfortunately, that seems to be part of human nature. Take for instance my experiences building the Mini Bar. Bsack in December 8 performers told me they would love to have a tiny venue to play at. One specifically said she would even buy a tiny avatar just for that purpose. These people IM’d me not the other way around. Okay, I bought a large amount of lindens, bought land (which I’m still paying tier on) and worked 2 months building a venue. All 8 of those performers backed out. Most said that they didn’t think people would ever take them seriously again if they performed as tinies. One even said, “I didn’t really mean it. I was just talking.” Thankfully I was able to replace them with people that don’t mind it at all. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. This is just the latest occurence.

    Its been my experience both in RL and SL that most people love to be involved in stuff…as long as they don’t really have to be involved. Its always a case of having to weed out the people that have no actual intention of helping to find the ones that will. I agree that with something as big as History on Tour it would be too much work to go through everyone in music to find out who is willing to do more than just say yes. The good thing about the blog is that it’s public and it reaches a lot of people. This post is sort of a public warning that if all these interested people don’t perform or host the tour will die. It will take more than people saying “Good idea!” for the show to actually go on.

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