Investment Gigs

As Musicians, Venue owners and regular gig hoppers will know,
it is hard to get new music lovers to live music shows.
“We” talk about this offcourse and we all try to interest new people to visit some shows.

So any effort to achieve this can count on my support.
Bourque Rau is organising a serie of concerts at Non Music Orientated places.
Simply said, sims that have nothing to do with music and where it is most likely that the visitors dont know anything about a live music scene on SL.

There where allready a couple of concerts,
but i am pretty sure that Bourque allways can use more places and / or musicians that would like to volunteer in this.

She gave me a notecard and i shall share it with all of you

( Notecard made by Bourque Rau )

I am organizing a series of tips only gigs from SL live musicians to be played
“out and about” for SL groups and communities who may not be aware of the availability
and variety of the live music scene in SL.
I’ve spent time searching out SL Groups with reasonably large number of members
who gather in SL for reasons OTHER than live music …
TV fan groups, sporting events, colleges, etc. …
and offering to facilitate a gig for their members
(see below for my notecard to them as explanation).

My business plan is to offer live music to the (estimated?) 80% of SL residents
who do not know you can listen to live musicians inworld with the expectation
that we will have measurable results in finding more listeners
(group adds, bigger attendance at gigs).
We are providing a hostess for each event
to lend coaching in listing the gigs and promoting to their groups,
and a notecard to hopefully be sent attached to a notice to their group
“tips to listen to live music in SL”
(if your regular staff person would like to be our hostess that would be great,
I’ll just need a brief chat with them, we need to provide a bit more coaching than usual)

I don’t expect these venues to book more live gigs, or become music venues,
we are seeking listeners, so the expectation is not that musicians will book
return paying gigs at these Investment Gig locations, although it could happen 🙂
The goal is to gain more listeners for SL music in general.
Some of these gigs will be VERY successful, some will be a bust,
so please have some pretty neutral expectations, it is an experiment,
and I’m finding sometimes these non music peeps are NOT as urgent as we are to finalize plans 🙂

If you would like to volunteer to play one or two tips only gigs, let me know,
(my IMs do not get capped). I will work to make a very good match for you,
make it easy for you to just show up and be a good ambassador,
and give you plenty of notice when I find a booking for you.
I am beginning with 20 gigs in March,
and we’ll see how it goes, and if there is positive response,
I’ll do another round of 20.

thanks, fingers crossed we can achieve measurable results
Bourque Rau


(notecard sent to groups)
The Second Life live music community is planning a serious of gratis gigs at venues
and with groups of people for whom live music is not the norm in order
to raise the awareness of the availability and variety of live music offered in SL.
I am organizing these gigs and would like to chat with you about hosting an event
at your sim or for your group.
The musicians will be waiving their gig fees and playing for you and your friends for free,
they will place a tip jar out in case folks want to make donations,
but that is entirely optional.

If you would like to schedule a musician at your sim/venue
please contact me, Bourque Rau.
We are planning to perform these hour-long gigs in the month of March,
and we can cover most days and time zones with our international artists.
The criteria we are looking for are:

— a group or venue who can bring an audience of approximately 25 or more listeners,
by putting out a group notice a week in advance so people can “mark their calendars”
and generate excitement about the event,
and a group notice at the time of the event with a LM.

— a venue host who can change the media stream on the land
and list the gig in the Live Events Calendar under Live Music with the ability to select
the correct LM for the event. I will provide the musician’s bio and music stream info to you.
We will need the LM and a SLURL to post the event to the musician’s fan group.

We will provide a staffer along with the musician to help host and answer questions
people may have about the SL live music scene.
I am sending you with a notecard entitled “tips for enjoying live music in SL”
which I’ll ask you to send out as a notice attachment to your group
when you let them know about the upcoming gig,
it will answer some general questions for people not familiar with
listening to live music in SL.

We can also provide a rezzed stage if needed.
The musician will need a “group add” at the time to rez equipment
unless build is turned on.

So if you are interested, IM me and let’s chat 🙂
Bourque Rau

So, if you are part of a group that is suitable, or you are a musician that would like to join,
feel free to IM Bourque about this

Love, Peace and Melodies


~ by homelessmartian on March 18, 2009.

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