Negative versus Positive

The last few days i have seen a side of SL
that i only knew out of stories.
Negative rules over Positive

Its a side that i dont like myself,
i do things that i feel i need to do, regardless who or what it is.

I have decided to stop my other blog,
it isnt even started yet so i didnt loose that mutch time on it.
it is a waste of my time to continue, so why even bother.

What makes me wonder is the attitude of people,
some people are seem to getting more out of negative things
then out of positive things.
I dont get that ?

People IM me, using words they shouldnt use.
Offcourse it is an image, a way of communication, a way to look cool.
i see it as a lack of intellect to use normal language to express your feelings.
Normal and adult people dont talk like that.
I never use swearing words in my replies, it looks childish to me.
So i dont like to see it used to me,
IM’s and messages like that go to the bottom of my things todo.

I reply, because that is the decent thing to do,
but offcourse it is a waste of my time and energy.
Lucky i can multitask,
so i can still have fun at the same time, thats the good part of SL ~lol~

People show me chats and stuff like that, what is that ?
Do i care to see that ?

Besides the fact that it might be fake cause you can change words, names and times,
i really dont care what others say about me or think about me.
Yet again people focus on the negative side,
trying to achieve something or proof something.
What that “something” is, i dont know.

I read it, smile about it and dont care,
i can not check those messages myself.
So i really dont know if its a real or a fake one.
Negative overrules Positive.

I was helping a friend with some PC problems,
asking around for solutions, and some gave good responses,
thank you very mutch for that.

Others doubt my intentions with this as well, why ?
What do you care who i help and why ?

I ended up in a conversation that almost made it sound it was a crime to help someone,
making it sound i do this to get attention or something else.
Again i don’t get this ?

Helping people is good, and offcourse it gets known.
People talk about it on SL or RL
I heard about a musician who sended a piece of equipment to another one because it wasnt used anymore.
I remember Michelle’s first gig with her new computer,
fans on SL bought that for her.
She was blast away with it and gave a very good thank you gig.

Heard other stories about things like this, if i remember it right
( dont slam me if i am wrong, because i wasnt online back them so it is all hear say )
their was a benefit at The Merry Prankster one time to raise money for a computer for someone.
Hexx and Jsmn gave Soundcircel new equipment together with an anonymous musician who sended great stuff.
heared stories about money collected to support people and family’s, or to buy things for others.
Not to mention all the charity events.

And yet people wonder why i would help someone ?

I dont need to explain what i do and why i do something ?
it is not your buisness at all, it is my and the other persons buisness.
Negative overrules Positive.

I was accused to have a secret Agenda ~lol~
we all have an agenda, you might not say it or pretend to have none.
But we all do have one.

Your agenda might be to get gigs, or more listeners,
your agenda might be to get more visitors in your venue,
your agenda might be to sell more clothes

My agenda is to see if i can help people that i like.
Nothing secret about that.
I cant help it that this gets out, people talk.
often they talk more then they should but that is a fact of life.

I end up in conversations where i almost have to defend my behaviour,
why is that ? i dont owe an explanation to anyone.

People have called Soundcircel a karaoke guitar player,
negative overrules Positive.

According to the dictionairy Karaoke is :
1. A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen.
2. The performance of such music.

Yes Sound plays in a 10-12 songs set, 4-5 covers.
Yes he plays along with ( self recorded ) backing tracks.
No he doesnt use a video screen or score sheets.

Again a thing that is considered to be negative in that persons view,
is overruling the positive thing :

A guitar player who performs 6-8 original instrumental guitar songs on SL.

Your own music can not be karaoke in my book,
so the fact that someone uses backings is a negative thing ?
I thought SL was over that by now ?

Some play only acoustic guitar,
some use backings,
some use loopers

Witch way you choose is personal, and you can allways turn it into something negative.

People could say that someone who only plays acoustic
is not capable of playing other instruments
( we dont know that, but you could say it because he/she only uses the guitar )
lots of times you can hear them go through papers with lyrics and all
or look for the tabs.
We could focus on that as well, but why would we ?

People could say that using backings is not the real thing, its karaoke
( still the musician plays/sings live )

People could say that using loopers is the same as using backings.
You record your own backing on the fly
( or select the right pre-setting where you allready recorded music on,
we cant check that offcourse )

We should focus on the positive side instead of doing this “focussing on negative”

You are all musicians, doing the thing you do best
Enjoy the music, or dont go to a show.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on April 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Negative versus Positive”

  1. I think you are right Less. Being positive is a way of life and its something that you have and we are all thankful for it!

  2. Welcome to the ugly side of SL, Less. There’s much more negative going on than you listed here. False promises, empty praise. Friendship offered as a way to keep an eye on someone instead of for any friendly intent. Even partnerships established as a means of getting attention or controlling someone or something. Most of us in SL are accustomed to this and those of us that are sincere just look the other way in disgust and keep going. Participating in the silly arguments only makes it worse and then you look like you condone the negative behavior. We ignore it as best we can. Sometimes though its unavoidable like when people meddle in other’s business or relationships as punishment for wrongs only they perceive.

    I hate to say it but being sceptical and observant has helped me more than anything. When someone is bashing me one day and begging to be on my friendslist the next day I have to wonder why. When a brand new avi I’ve never met knows an amazing amount of personal info about me or my friends I wonder about that too. Same thing when someone tries to pressure me into taking action against another user one week and starts chatting up my bf everyday the next week I have to wonder if those events are related. Yes, those are things that have happened or are happening to me now in SL.

    I think we all question periodically whether SL is still worth it to us. We hit a crisis and reevaluate whether the positive still out weighs the negative. Most of the time the answer is yes but sometimes sadly it’s no. That’s how we looe friends and loved ones and sometimes lose people off the grid althogether never to be seen or heard again. We can try fighing the negativity by setting a positive example but I don’t think we’ll ever stop the negativity. We just keep on going and deal the best we can or we decide we’ve had enough and leave.

  3. I know you were bothered by that episode, my friend, but you shouldn’t have been. It was only a misunderstanding about how two groups had been created around the same time, both of which were made to help people who play original music in SL. You can’t get upset every time someone uses foul language or disagrees with you. Just like real life, the world of musicians represents people from all backgrounds and attitudes. There’s no need to convince anyone that you’re right, or they;re wrong. Life’s too short for silly internet arguments. :))

    What would be the way to turn the negative into a positive? I believe it would be to combine the efforts of these multiple groups into a larger and more powerful single group of Original musicians. That would take a lot of willingness to compromise, and to see the other side. I know you’re the kind of person who could do that, and it seems the people in the other group (Harrie and so on) would probably like that as well.

    Something to think about. In the meantime, I’ll see you at a show sometime soon. There’s a showcase for the Originals on Sunday 4/26 at Pixel Hill… love to see you there. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the kind words.

    Its not this special thing, but more the attitude in general.
    The urge to take out something negative.
    I see it in RL as well.

    Silly comparison, but last night the dutch team played a soccer game, after the first half it was 3-0 with very good play.
    Yet they focus on one or two bad passes ???
    Holland scored 4-0 at the end and that was a good thing according to the commentators, otherwise it would be a boring end ???
    We nailed that team in about 30 minutes, won all games so far,
    scored 12 times and got 1 goal against us and we are mostliky going to be the first team to qualify for the worldcup ???

    Offcourse this is sport, invented for us to complain about.
    But you get my point 🙂

    Neighbour got a new car “where is he paying that from ?”
    You buy a new TV “awhh he is showing off”
    and we can add thousends of examples.

    Seems that it is easier to be negative then positive.

  5. I came across these setiments myself in the past, in SL. I wrote about my perceptions here

    part 1:

    part 2:

    After I was angry, then I was questioning, and now… now I realize everyone’s perceptions about the world of SL are SO VASTLY different from one anothers…

    I’ve realized the best approach is to turn it into an opinion piece on your own blog… rather than wasting energy chatting in text with one or a few people. Have your opinion stand on your own blog as your own facts about yourself. If someone doesn’t believe you on your own blog, you have to wonder why they read it?
    Using your own blog is a great way to provide a historical account and also, you don’t have to continually have the same conversation over and over.

    In relation to “hidden agendas in SL” … that’s real life, not SL… that’s human nature… to be out for one’s self.
    The best agenda is the one that takes into account everyone.

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