What is good music ?
what is bad music ?
Questions we all ask ourselfs sometimes.
Its the subject of a lot of talks,
its fun to discuss about this, trying to explain to somebody why we like a certain song or artist.

Is an 18 minute symphony with a symphonic orchestra better music then an acoustic guitar who strums 3 chords ?
Is a certain jazz song with countless tempo changes, breaks and 50.000 notes in the first two bars,
a better piece of music then a childs lullaby with maybe 4 notes only ?

Its hard to put a label on good music.
I like brutal metal music, to me its good music.
The rawness, the brute emotions, the subjects of the lyrics, the technical skills.
All things i can relate to and witch i admire.

Loads of people hate it and to them it just a lot of noise.
Who is right ?

Is the popularity of a song a good guideline ?
When you are honest you have to say yes.
An album that gets solled 10 million times must have something good ?
A song that gets stuck on number 1 for weeks, must be good.
Why would people buy it if it sucks ?

Offcourse i know the whole marketing plans.
Write a catchy simple tune, create a nice video that is interesting for a lot of people,
make sure the song is heard all the time, hype it and there you have your hit.
The TV show Idols is a good example of this.

Still people go out, enter a store and buy the song.
Awhh but i can hear your think now.
“those people buy it because they dont know better,
they have no idea what good music is,
they are being tolled it is a good song by the media
so they believe that”

Is it important if you know about music to enjoy music ?
I dont know anything about architecture, and i dont wanna know.
If i see a building i can tell you if i like the design or not.
How it is build, what the architect is trying to say with it, the unique character of that architect are things that doesnt interest me.
A building is a building to me, i like what i see or i don’t.
Does that make me a bad judge ?

Same thing with paintings, i like it or not.
I dont care for the technique that is being used.
Lots of peole like the dutch painter Van Gogh.
I hate it, that guy coulndt paint.
Its fine with me that he has a special technique or used interesting colors or subjects.
I dont like what i see…….. period.
Dont i know anything about art ?

I like going to musea, walk around and watch paintings ar sculptures.
Watch and enjoy it.
A lot of times you can hear conversations like this

( people looking at a black painting with a white dot )

“Look how he tries to show us the difference between the good and the bad”
“yes. amazing piece of work, its the beginning”
“owhh yes, it all start with nothing”
“But yet he shows us the mortality of life”
“The black parts are so intense, they feel so bad”

blablablablabla and you get the picture right ?

Those are experts, most times they studied years to talk like that ~lol~
Lately i have been thinking about this.
Am i the same as that with music ?

And to my shame i must admit : Yes i am.

Why is that ?
I think because we ( experienced music lovers and musicians ) consider music to be our baby.
We all have something like that.
As you know i am a great soccer fan, i see very bad teams with loads of fans,
for them their team is the best team in the word, that they loose is because of the bad weather,
the linesmen where blind, the ball was to soft, the field to bumpy…….
Their team is simply the best.

We all have that, i cant understand why someone would even listen to Britney Spears ?
she is a nice woman nothing about that, but she can’t sing.
Yet she sells more then a jazz player who can play 10 modes at the same time with one hand,
blindfolded and rolling a new joint.
Those fans of britney must be really dumb !!!

No they are not,
they buy out of emotion, sales of music are emotion sales.
You hear something, you like it, you buy it.
You buy it because it does something to you.
If i would be really lyrical i would say,
it touches your heart.

So you buy Britney because she touches your heart,
You buy Jazz because that touches your heart,
you go to an opera because that touches your heart.
and i go to a metal festival beause that touches my heart.

So lets keep on talking about this, it is fun to do.
but remember, bad music ( in our humble opinion )
touches someones elses heart.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on April 3, 2009.

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  1. nice one!
    /me snaps

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