Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 2 )

First of all,
thank you all for your reactions on my previous post.
We all have our own opinions on this and i am happy to vent them all.
I do realise that some of you dont want to respond,
stick your head out and someone might cut it off, right.

This brings me to another important reason why all our efforts are
( in a way ) useless if we dont change something.

Drama, Ego etc.etc.etc. !!!

I know this is going to be a tricky one, but i dont care.
Humans are the only species that search for drama as far as i know.
I dont know why, but some people love to get involved in sneaky things.
Is it the power they think they have ?
the fun to see other people get hurt ?
a way of getting back to someone ?

The problem with this stuff is that it stops the discussion,
what starts as a big discussion or conversation, ends with a small incrowd,
petting eachother on the back how cool they are.

Other people simply dont share their thoughts, and to my knowledge
2 know more then 1, 20 know more then 10 etc.etc.etc.
Offcourse you can say
“but if 50 talk then you just keep on talking and nothing happens”
That’s true. but if only 10 people talk who are “the incrowd”
then nothing happens as well,
they are to busy looking for more dirt, or to create dirt
or to praise eachother.

The last months i have been hearing the most amazing things,
all those drama stories and ego issues
makes it hard to really boost the music scene.

DD mentioned in his blog the method of promoting eachother.
Visit eachother gigs and tp in your friends.
Its a great idea witch i support,
but looking at those stories i can see why this doesnt happen.

Would you go to a show if you know that other artists
are hopping around asking venues to NOT to book you ?
Would you go to a show if you heard artists
have bought that gig from the venue ?
Would you go to a show, if you are getting slammed around
for no reason at all ?
Would you go if you know that they are talking
behind your back about stuff ?
Would you help others if the only thing you get in return is drama ?

course you would, you would go there, tp in all your friends,
ask for tips, and you even going to tell the venue
to give the artist on stage a 5K weekly gig.

Course not, what do you care ?
you just want to do your thing, and the rest can go to hell,
why share your ideas ? why even help or support others ?

In a way this goes for the Ego thing as well.
I know that some artists hate eachother
simply because the other one is getting famous,
or draws a bigger crowd, or has paying gigs
while they think that the artist doesnt deserve it.
They try to take him or her down instead of focussing on their own music.

Is this some kind of Kinder Garden ?

What do you care ?

Artist A asks 5 K, Venue wants to pay, nothing wrong with that.
He might even ask 25 K, as long as the venue wants to pay its ok.
The Venue thinks Artist A is worth it, if not then they wouldnt pay.
But Artist B thinks he is a better musician or more fun or whatever,
so why are they even booking Artist A ?
damn im the cool shit on SL ? i am the real star ?

The other artist is, in your opinion, better ?
ever heard of practise ? learning ? improving ?

You can create your own niche market, especially on SL.
think about what you do, go around and see what others doing.
There are about 400 musicians active, if 200 are doing the same thing
then you should know that it will be hard to get yourself noticed.
Drama isnt they way to do that.

But in a way i can understand this,
i dont agree and totally hate this stuff,
but it is somehow related to music.
Personal Drama is even more worse and totally out of place in the music scene.

I have had some issues with people,
music issues, do i hate the people i “fought”,
do i go round spreading rumours ?
do i make it harder for them to do their job ?

course not, music and personal things are seperared.
I remember a statement made by Johan Cruiff
( famous soccer player and coach )
They asked him about friendship in the team and stuff like that.
He answered something like

“you dont need to be friends to work with eachoter,
friends go to eachother birthdays or out for dinner.
I dont need to be your friend on the field, we just do our job”

What he means is that being friends is nice, but not needed at all.
I can do great buisness with you, while i might hate your guts.
Its not important if i like you, we are not dealing with a friend thing.

I can support your music, but maybe i hate your personality.
I can support you, but hate the way you are off stage.
I can support you and dont agree with who you partnered or something like that.
If i dont want to see you, i just leave you alone and let you do your thing.
I expect that people do the same with me.

Offcourse noone is guilty on this,
we dont do that, the others might, but we aint doing that.
The SL Music scene is big, if you really hate someone then just dont go to the gig.
Life can be so easy.

I have seen people at shows,
while they are backstabbing them at the same time ?
i dont get that ?
Just dont go ? focus on your own things.

We all know the SLMC forum.
It could be a great resource for SL music,
but we also know that a lot of us don’t participate in it,
they read but don’t reply because they don’t want the wrath of the freaks.
People on the forum send me PM’s that they dont reply because of the drama.
The strange thing is that i understand this,
why would a musician draw attention to theirselfs with replying ?
why take the chance to get a pile of shit on you for an opinion you have ?

Now that i am writing this
( and quoting famous dutch people )
i remember a dutch cabaret guy,
he was talking in one of his shows about opinions.
He said something like ( freely quoted )

” we all have opinions,
i have an opinion and then someone has another one,
and the third one has a new opinion.

If jesus would come back right now and gives a great speech
then someone would yell, well thats your opinion.

Cancel the freedom of speech, forbid it,
and the person who has the guts to talk then,
that is the person i would love to listen too ”

I am a member, i have been reading the replies on most topics.
Funny to see how some just reply to get a riot going.
They don’t have an opinion but reply by one rule, reply negative.
If the discussion is about fees, then they are against it.
If their is a new discussion about tips only,
then they are nagging that they should get a fee.

It doesnt make sence,
it doesnt add anything,
but others don’t reply because they see the stupidity of those replies.

We all try to hide this stuff, noone talks about it,
its all in IM and with notecards etc.etc.etc.
But the regular fans are not dumb.
They see these things, and offcourse people have the habit of talking.
I can imagine they wouldnt go to shows anymore,
there are a lot of things wrong in the music scene,
and if you notice that there are weird things going on, on top of that
then why even bother to go ?

We dont have to be best friends,
we dont have to like eachother at all.
But we do have to respect eachother.
Opinions are not based on the fact if you like someone,
they have to be based on what you think or believe
its a personal view, so it never can be bad.
looking at a lot of opinons then a lot of us dont think at all.

What a waste…….


~ by homelessmartian on April 19, 2009.

7 Responses to “Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 2 )”

  1. You wouldn’t believe the number of live music shows I miss every day. The other day, when we hosted a show at our place, I counted over 25 live music events at exactly the same time of day. That’s a lot to choose from, so it doesn’t surprise me that each individual event doesn’t draw a lot of people.

    Ain’t much use in going all metaphysical about it. It’s just the way it is. And all we can do is just keep on playing.

  2. I think the original questions were are the numbers of concert goers dropping off and if so are there reasons for it that can be corrected? The first question I can’t accurately answer. I’ve only been in SL about 9 months and for the first 4 I was only a fan. At the time I had other interests as has been mentioned that fans have. I seem to remember venues being more full though. I never did head counts back then because I didn’t need to so I can’t say how many people were there. All I know is at some shows I had a heck of a time finding enough room to dance without crashing into people. I don’t have that problem much anymore. In the 5 months I have worked in music I can say that some shows are dropping off. Some that used to average in the 20s-30s now bring in the teens to 20s. I’m mow often seeing gigs with a dozen or less. Another observation–there seem to be fewer new faces. Now seeing new faces is sometimes a cause of excitement if we go for a long stretch without seeing any. This is a change I have noticed in only 5 months.

    Drama…..oh boy. Sometimes SL has more soap operas than daytime television. Considering that SL is what I would rather do than watch soap operas on TV it does get annoying.

    Some of it is of the jealous variety “I want that bf.” “I want to manage that act.” “I want that person to pay attention to me instead of you.” Some people seem to want to possesss people/things more than anything else. I don’t think those people would be willing to work with anyone else about anything unless it would result in them aquiring something. Or someone. Similarly, there’s competitive drama. “I want to be first or only person to do this so you can’t do it too.” That kind of drama goes against being helpful. When people work together they have to be willing to share.

    Then there are the control freaks. This is one I’m too familiar with. Just one example is the RP group that wants me to join them. I don’t have time for that or any interest it so I said no a long time ago. That wasn’t the end of it. More and more of the members have told me that while I dont want to join they think I should join. Why? Their answer has been why would anyone not want to join. As far as I can tell the only connection to music is that a lot of the members are in the music community and they have their own stage. I’ve been begged, bullied, guilted and even bribed (which I promtly returned the bribe money, btw.) I cannot see any logical reason why I need to play with this group when I’m busy most of the time with music. The only purpose I can see in my joining is to fill someone’s desire for control. I would be just one more person having to do as I was told.

    The last kind of drama I see a lot of is probably the most disturbing kind. I got a demonstration of this just last week. A certain companion of mine has been conspicuouly absent. Oh dear! Someone asked about his where abouts so I said, “He’s on business today. He couldn’t be here.” Someone else said, “Sure he is,” and laughed and a couple more comments were made. What was the purpose in that? To create doubts in my mind? Why? At a different venue I was asked by two different people if we had broken up. They sounded a wee bit hopeful about that. lol. I’ve heard such things a lot over the last few months. There’s lots of joking that goes on and I love a good joke as much as anyone but snide statements made just for the sake of hurting another strike me as somewhat sinister. What is to be gained by causing pain? How would these people like it if they were treated that way? I wonder about the motivations of people that do this. Anyone that makes a habit of yanking my chain I do not trust in general and have as little to do with as posible.

    One thing I notice about drama in general is that a lot of it takes place in local chat where everyone can read it. It might be very personal, painful or embarrassing but its still out there for all to see. So can we honestly believe that fans don’t notice this stuff going on? How could they miss it! Could fans be turned off by this? Of course! I sure am. My usual tactic is to leave as soon ss posible and go do something somewhere else away from the people causing drama. It’s not hard to see that the fans might do the same thing. If a fan group for certain performers becomes notorious for drama it stands to reason that people might start avoiding those performers’ shows.

    Just something to think about.

  3. Hexx you are right about that we should keep on playing.
    But 25 gigs aint that mutch.
    It just means that their should be something out there for everyone.

    60-80.000 could fill a lot of gigs 🙂

    @ Roni

    Some people have no respect what so ever.
    One day they like this, then they like the opposite.
    they go around claiming things while they have no idea what they are talking about. They dont even care to check facts.

    It suprises me i must admit,
    it looks real dumb to others and i wonder if they even see that theirselfs ?

  4. I think that many times the drama on SL is created just for that…drama. The hurtful or snide remarks are all to create contraversy. Do we ignore it? or do we react….reaction being the logical stance one takes and the most likely reason why things are being said in the first place. I think that the negative comments that people make are due to their own insecurities and it reflects on themselves more than anyone else.
    The comments come across as being immature remarks. It’s unfortunate that there are people who actually get off creating controversy, sit back and laugh at others expense….there is a reason for the saying “what goes around comes around.”.in the end it is the person creating the controversy that ends up being laughed at and thought of as being childish.
    SL can be used as a great tool for musicians of all types of music. There are so many different types of musicians ,who is to say what is good or bad… may like something and others hate it or vice versa. SL is large enough to accomodate all tastes in music. If you don’t like what your hearing ..leave and allow those who are there enjoying that musician to continue to do so.
    Then again…it’s just my opinion.

  5. A part of those 60,000 – 80,000 residents online are bots, so they don’t count. And let’s not forget that by far not all people are in SL because of the music. They like to do other things.

    Apart from that, if an artist plays a couple of times a week (and some even play a couple of times a day), it isn’t that surprising to see less people at a show as time goes by. Not beacuse they don’t like the music anymore, but simply because they have heard it so often already.

  6. Thats true Hexx,
    but that will be in another post.

    So your suggesting that we cant change this ?
    That we have to accept it ?

    We should keep on doing our thing, as you suggested.
    but at the same time we should try to get the numbers up.

  7. The only way to change it, is work hard on giving it the best we’ve got. That way, the music will stay fresh and interesting. And that, together with the quality of the music, is what draws people in.

    And about accepting: we can’t change the world. But we can make our little part of it a good place to be. If lots of people do that, there’ll be lots of good places and the world will automagickally change, little by little.

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