Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 3 )

Music slips out to the street,
its a dark night and the wind carries the music to your ears.
You walk in some old blues club, people sitting at the bar, some are dancing,
but they all listen to a blues band on stage.

The club is filled with smoke from cigars and cigarettes,
the smell is a perfume of old beer and sweat,
its hard to see faces in the dark and the music is loud…….

Awhhh the romantic side of music,
personally i love places like that.
It breathes music and history,
great artists have been on stage when they where not famous yet.

We all know these clubs, photos hanging behind the bar,
most time autographed offcourse,
some old guitars or other instruments hanging above it,
like trophys from a safari,
a musical safari.

The staff welcomes you friendly
“come in and enjoy the show, watcha having ?”
You sit down, they get you a cold beer
“you never been here before right ?”

They tell you who is playing,
most times they know everything about the musician on stage.
If you show some interest they tell you all about this place,
if not they let you enjoy the music.
But you feel at home…….

A club like that is awesome, most times the music is good.
If the music is something that you don’t like
then at least you have music loving people to talk too.

On SL there are a lot of venues,
like a lot of venues in RL started by music fans.
They love music, they love people and they combine that love.
But somewhere down the line ( just as in RL )
it went wrong with some of us.

I can only talk “in general”
There are a lot of good venues on SL,
they work hard, they invest personal money,
they give you a good feeling, with other words : they are good venues,
both paying ones and tips only places.
This is not against them offcourse.

Would you go back in RL to a venue
where you have the feeling that you are not welcome ?
You might do it, but i wouldnt go a second time.

People have different reasons to start a venue on SL.
But the keywords should be : Entertainment with Live Music.

If this isnt your goal then why even call it a venue or club or stage ?
The customer ( on SL the visitors ) should be your first priority.
They have to feel welcome,
they have to have a good time, they are the ones that should
be entertained, what you feel or think about it is totally not interesting.

Offcourse it is your place, so you call the shots.
But without visitors your precious live music venue has no meaning at all.

You might hate danceballs,
but you better have them all over the place because we love to dance
You might love to drag in 25 people
who are only interested in playing your sploder or trivia
but it is annoying to the music fans
( the real target people you are after )

You maybe busy during a gig with other things
and therefor have no time to greet or to talk to us,
but it shows no respect to the musician on stage and his or her fans.

The big difference between SL and RL is the money offcourse,
in RL a venue has to earn money, if not then they dont last long.
They earn money with tickets,
and small ones ( consider them as tips only places )
earn their bucks through the beverages and stuff like that.
( simply said cause big venues earn a lot on their beverages as well etc.etc.etc. )

On SL venues dont earn money, they only pay.
You might think that this gives you the right to do as you please.
But so have we, the visitors

There are bad venues in RL,
It depends how you look at it offcourse.
Big arena’s have normally a bad sound, tickets are expensive,
but ( in general ) the atmosphere is good,
the staff are friendly, helpfull, trying to give you
a good time for the money you paid ( again in general )

Simply said,
RL venues run on money, SL venues run on love for music

It is strange to see that there are venues on SL
who have no idea what they are doing,
We all know the venues, we all have been there.

The lag is horrible,
stage is hard to find so you end up at the other side of the sim
and most times they disconnected the ability to fly.
you have to walk around and look for the stage,
most times you IM someone who can drag you in.
you get unasked “things” every 5 minutes.
And we can add hundreds, maybe thousends of complaints to this list.

This is no explanation on why their are less people going to a show.
You can not blame it on one thing, its an add up of everything.
Offcourse there is a recession, i hear that all the time these days
But i don’t buy that.

In times of recessions people look for entertainment,
a way to escape every day’s problems,
loosing money, loosing jobs etc.etc.
Going to a gig on SL is a good way to relax.
There is no need to tip the artist or venue,
you do it or you don’t, it is not an obligation.

On SL music is free,
in RL we might see a dropping but thats easy to explain.
why would people pay 100 dollar for a ticket
if they are about to loose their job ?
And a lot of times you see that those people will buy one,
“we deserve some get away,
now we still have that 100 bucks so we might as well spend it,
maybe it will be the last time for a long time”

But a bad venue on SL doesnt help to keep the visitors coming back.
We all heard the people that are saying

“why would i go ?
i cant walk, i crash every 10 minutes,
chatlag is horrible, there are no dances,
they nag constantly for tips,
they dont greet, they dont make me feel at home etc.etc.etc.”

And i must admit that i cant blame them.
I have been to venues that dont even have couple dances
I have been to venues where the owners
are more interested in Sploder games or other games
I have been to venues where they welcome you
with an automatic greeter.
We all have….

We go back if someone plays, but a lot are smarter then us.

Thinking about venues it is diffecult to keep it in track,
every detail is connected to eachother.
And most times people take it personal, witch is not the case.

One of the cool things you hear all the time is
“without venues there would be no music scene”
witch is a joke offcourse.

On SL you dont need a venue to play,
you need a stream and someone that places the url in the land section,
doesnt matter if it is a mall, a house, a venue or a dump waste.
You can play anywhere you like, throw in the stream and there ya go.
There is no real need for a dedicated live music venue.
It add’s something if it is a good one, but it is not needed.

The whole system is a bit out of direction.
Some venues pay, others dont, some do it both
some have sponsors, others dont, some have 50/50

I am in constant battle with a musician.
He doesnt want fees because he is sick of the fights about it,
he doesnt rezz a tipjar or nags about tips.

I want him to get payed for his work,
playing music is a service you do, or a job or whatever you call it
and should be rewarded.
Musicians have their expences, they put in time and effort.
Offcourse you can say
“yeah but they allready have those instruments
and they write music anyway so….”

Try that with your garage when you have your car fixed next time
“you allready have those tools and a building and a mechanic ?
so why do you charge me for that ?”

Offcourse it isnt exactly the same, but you know what i mean.
you want them to do something for you, right ?
You book them after all.

People pay for a dress, a house, more prims or for a hooker.
So why not for someone who works his ass off to entertain you an hour ?
A good hooker is done in 5 minutes, so paying an artist isnt that bad at all.

During a gig it is expected that an artist asks to tip the venue.
It has become the standard.
Euhhh but hold on for a minute……

wasnt this a tips only place ?
The service they offer sucks
I dont see danceballs or an intan ?
They dont make me feel at home
This paying venue has like a 100 tipjars out,
for everyone who might be doing some work for them ?

Tipping on SL is in general to cover the costs or to show appreciation.
But the costs are a personal choise.
They dont pay the artists in a tips only place,
so the tips are for the staff, the tier and all other things.
Paying venues choose to pay musicians

Nagging for tips constantly ( paying or tips only places )
might be number one on the list of annoying things.

I dont mind that you do, you see tipjars everywhere.
If you go to a mall you will see them as well,
some sims have tipjars where you can show your support.
Strange offcourse, when you think about it

you want that sim,
you want to sell clothes,
you build that mall.
you like to build some artwork thing
and yet it is normal to tip to support your costs

My view is, if you can not afford it then dont click the buy button.
Im not talking about venues only, but in general on SL.
You dont have the cash ? dont buy…….

You want to have a venue, we didnt asked you to build one,
you want someone to work for you and ask for money on air,
but you don’t pay them for their work ?

“yeah but i allways tip at least 1 K”
Then just say so when you book them
“I pay 1 K, take it or leave it”
The artist knows what to expect,
you show respect to his or her work and above all
you can demand something.
You pay, so you can expect something in return.

I heard stories about some places complaining
about the service that was delivered by the artist.
Well if youre not paying then you can not demand anything.

if you tip allways 1 K then you are just a paying venue,
you can call yourself a tips only but you are not, you pay a standard fee.

Before this all explodes,
i tip the venue, even the tips only places.

I tip if i like the venue and the staff,
if their is a good atmosphere,
if they are really trying to add something.
I dont care if it is a payed or tips only venue.
If i like it then i tip.

My point is that we take this for granted.
A lot of venues expect to be tipped, they hope to break even maybe.
Hoping that we cough up their tier and staff and expences
But i dont blame them offcourse.

Most artists to both, grab that fee if you can and if not then accept tips only
Looks a bit strange offcourse if you look closely to it.

One gig is worth to be payed for, and the other isnt ?
One gig you perform better or put in more time, therfore you need that fee ?
One gig you have more expences ?
Is there a difference between playing at a venue you dont know or a friends venue ?

Charity events are without any doubts, ask a fee there and your a plain idiot.

If you are honest then their is no difference.
A gig is a gig,
costs can be different if you have the bad luck to break a few strings or something,
but the basic costs are the same.

Again, i do understand this, some places dont pay and you want to play there as well.
And it really has nothing to do with a dropping down in the amount of visitors.
But it all adds up. People hear about this all over the place.

A lot of times i have to explain to a new music fan why a venue who doesnt pay asks for tips.
They ask me why an artist asks a fee today, and play for free tomorrow.
What can i say ?

If you get tips for your venue during gigs, even nag about them,
and dont have the decenty to greet people in person, but use a scripted thing,
because its a lot of work to look who gets in.

if your to lazy to throw out some danceballs or intan machine
( they cost money after all )

if you dont care to create a nice atmosphere,

if you are more interested in playing a sploder or some other game

if you hear eveybody complaining about the lag in your place and you see everyone
crashing every couple of minutes including the artist on stage, but you dont fix that.

Then why would we even go to a gig at your place and tip ?

I have been in tips only venues witch throw out their gestures every few minutes.

Keep Music alive, Help us pay the artists. TIP the venue

Euhhhhhh ?????
you dont pay em ?????
Why would i pay you ?????

If you want more tips, then make sure you earn them.
An artist is on stage for an hour, playing-singing-entertaining.
Standing there, not creating a nice vibe, not replying to IM’s and only talking to your friends
aint gonna work.

New visitors dont feel welcome at some places, so why check out a next gig ?
They think or expect that this is a normal thing,
and they dont have the time or need to check out other venues,
this one sucks so the rest must suck as well.

There are paying venues as well, and it would be bad to only talk about tips only places.
Sometimes they have a lot of staff and all have a tipjar.
Do we tip them all ???
If we tip everyone L$ 100 and there is a host, 3 dancers, the general tipjar and the artist one.
then its L$ 600 a gig, go to 4 shows a night, 7 nights a week…….

Its hard to tell who have the better venue, and that discussion is not important.
Its how you treat your visitors.

Is it important if it is a paying or tips only place ?
Offcourse not, bottom line is that the visitors have to be entertained.
And a lot of times this is where it all goes wrong.

I know there is some friction between some venues,
but there is no need for this, it creates a bad vibe.
You wanna have tips only ? then please do
You wanna pay ? even more welcome

Both have their pro and cons.
Both add some spice to the music scene.

But both have to keep in mind
that it is the visitor who should be in the center of things,
not the musician on stage,
not the host,
not the owner,
noone else but the visitor.
Treat the visitor well and you got yourself a good running venue.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on April 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Is there current a music crowd recession ? ( part 3 )”

  1. Wow. How many people can you upset in one week. LOL

    I do love this topic. There are some venues I hate to go to because they’re so laggy they are nearly impossible stay in. There’s one sim that buying a new computer didn’t even help. I avoid that sim unless I’m working a show there. There are some I’ve avoided because the owners and staff were rude and inconsiderate not only to the guests but also the performers. I don’t understand why people still play there but they do. There are some that the owners don’t seem to care. That can be a little cold. There’s one I work at a lot where Ive only seen the owner once in 5 months. Usually the artist sets the stream himself and we go on with the show without any of the staff being present. Its a very popular venue too. Weird huh? More than once people have mistaken me for their staff.

    There’s a few I don’t like going to because every member of the staff has a tip jar out. 2 of those have “professional dancers” that also have tip jars out. I’m not talking about exotic dancers with poles. These are people dressed like me using some of the same dances I have in my inventory asking to be tipped for it. Why doesn’t the audience just tip each other then since we’re all dancing? I don’t like to going to a venue where a half dozen people or more are all asking for personal tips on local. If I went to very many shows there I would soon go broke. When I started my venue I thought about what I really needed and came to the conclusion that the only employee I really need is me. I greet,send notices, troubleshoot, set the stream and keep an eye out for griefers. I dont pay myself so what goes into my tip jar goes back out to the performers. My SL work ethic matches my goal in music. I think SL music should be fun and I’m paying to have fun. Hopefully I’m paying enough that other people are having fun too. I have no dreams about making lots of money at it so I’m not losing any sleep over the lack of lindens. Some people get really hung up over it though.

    There is no achool for venue building but sometimes I think it would be nice if there was. The thing that people hate the most is lag. Its kind of funny when you think about it because the audience causes lag. Its easy to learn basic building. You catch on quick that you can make really huge eye catching things and then make them do stuff. Moat people never study up on how SL calculates all the things we do and see. Some aren’t even aware of what’s called server resources. You can have a set number of prims but there’s no set number for how much stuff you can have eating up resources. When they run out they run out. I was told by several people that the only way to have a really good lag free venue is to buy a sim. That’s way out of my price range. They’re logic was that the only way to be sure the resources are used wisely is to make sure all the resources belong to one person. In a multi owner sim you have no control over some maniac trying to have a 3 ring circus on the 512 next to your lot. In an ideal virtual world having my own sim would be heavenly but I can’t do it. The idea I came up with was a lot of planning while constantly thinking about minimizing lag while making the venue portable in case things go wrong. This is something all builders should think about but its very important in music especially if there are light shows or videos involved. I planned for like a month before I started building. I wanted to be very confident that I could do it. Too many venues seem to be planned around cool gadgets. I dont think it enters their minds that if we weren’t there to hear music we’d be at the cool gadget store ourselves. I don’t have that many scripts and most of the ones I do have went into Intans. As you’ve noticed people love to dance almost as much as they love listening to music. Some venues would be a lot more enjoyable if they were more visually stunning but less scripted. The KISS Principle should be the number one rule in venue design.

    Some venues love sploders and games and stuff like that because they think it draws newbies into their venues to tip them. New people dont always mean more tips. In the case of newbies most of them are non-payed accounts so they can’t buy lindens yet. They like the sploders because thats a way to get lindens. They’re probably not going to turn around and tip the venue with the lindens they just won. I dont see much point in sploders although I do play them from time to time just to be nice. Some people seem to like them. These things do cause lag though and they are distracting. I’ll never forget the time Joaquin Gustav cut a song short to try to get to the J Chair but someone beat him to it. I guess he thought if you cant beat them then at least get the freebie. lol

  2. Well said. If the guest/vistor feels good when they go to a venue they will always come back,not only that, they will bring their friends and by word of mouth your venue will grow. There is no better advertising than word of mouth. It does go both ways as well. If a guest has a bad experience they will do everything in their power to see that no one that they know goes to that venue again.

  3. Bringing live music into SL, whether it’s as a venue or as an artist, ain’t about money. It’s a labour of love. But I want to emphasize the world ‘labour’ here: for lemme tell ya, it’s hard work. As an artist, you really wanna give the people the best you’ve got, each and everytime you’re on that stage. And as a venue, you wanna make sure that everything goes smooth – not to mention that you gotta try your best to keep the venue attractive and pleasing to the people.

    Tipping artists and venues is a way of showing appreciation for all that hard work.

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