My Comments on the Comments ( weird sentence btw )

The last few days i had a lot of comments on my latest posts.
Thank god there where some in public, otherwise people would say something like

“yeah you can say people said that, but ……. ”

Truth is that i get a lot of personal comments of people
who dont want to respond in public for the obvious reasons.

Gig Hoppers tell me they dont reply in public because they want to keep on visiting
those musicians and venues without getting harrassed.
Musicians and Venue owners tell me the same thing,
people who work with or for musicians and venues drop the same message.

“We dont reply in public because we want to be able to do what we do
without the crazy people on our backs”

Personally i think this is the sad part,
there is no reason to harass people for their opinion.
You agree or you disagree,
harassment is for sick people and totally kills every discussion

One person asked me why i wrote all of this.
Why take the chance to be seen as the bad guy
and invite peope to take a shot at me.

Well, i dont give a damn to be honest.
I am hearing the complaints i talk about for a long time now,
Some tried to talk about it but get a hard time right away.

They stop because they have something to loose :
a good time on SL,
artists in their venues,

I have nothing to loose.
I dont perform on SL, i dont have a venue,
and i dont care what people think of me.

So i decided to take all those comments and ideas and post them on my blog.
I talked to a lot of people before i started this.
I wanted to get a clear view on what people thought about all of this.

2 people i can mention, Soundcircel and Roni.
I dont want them to be the victem of all of this,
so i asked if it was Ok to write this stuff.
( and more is about to come )

I represent Sound on SL,
it would be sad if people didnt showed up anymore
or didnt booked him because things that i write might upset them.

Roni has The Mini Bar and Ballroom, a venue that is her’s,
i have nothing to do with that whatsoever.
It would be sad if artists decide to ban that club
because they have the idea i am involved in that venue.

Both have no saying in what i write, this blog is my blog.
Noone else’s.

Now, the comments.

Im glad that gig hoppers reply on the blog itself.
It shows that they do know what is going on and that it has an effect.

I am not sure how to reply to some comments ?
Hexx mentioned that some artists have multiple gigs a day and that could cause
a dropping in the amount of visitors.

I followed some musicians who do that, and i cant back that up.
One night i followed Al Hofmann for 3 shows back to back,
i didnt saw a dropping in the amount of visitors, it was pretty steady.

Another night i followed Oldwolf, the more shows he did back to back
the more people came in and enjoyed the show.
They all hopped along the grid with OW and dragged in more friends.

Sometimes i follow an artist for 2 back to back gigs and you see a dropping,
but to say that is a reason ?

It depends on your fanbase i think,
if you have supportive fans then it shouldnt matter.
Some artists have a dropping with back to back gigs, some don’t.
That is something that each musician have to find out for themselfs.

Joaquin has a lot of gigs,
some nights the crowd is steady, some nights you see a dropping
and the third night with 3 or more gigs you see more people getting in.
Hard to say anything usefull on that.

Some time slots have 25 or more shows at the same time.
I dont see the problem to be honest.
If you would be able to pack all of those gigs,
then we still are only talking about

25×50=1250 visitors.

that aint that mutch.
The problem is that a lot of people stopped hopping gigs for some reason,
and it should be our job ( the people who are in the SL Music scene )
to try to get them back, that is the reason for all these posts.

Discuss what could be changed to try to get them back.

The biggest problem with SL stats is that you cant trust them.
You can have 25 avi’s at your show,
is that a good gig ?
first impression would be, yes.

But checking the stream stats you might see that only 15 are listening.
Is that still a good gig ?
10 are standing there and not listening

It could be that of those 15 maybe 2 are voicing with eachother in Voice IM,
so they turned the volume down
and they are not really paying attention to what you do.

What i am trying to say is that you dont know for sure what is going on.
Offcourse this has no meaning to the subject
but it shows that you can twist facts
to make them work for you, by doing that you are fooling yourself.


Music is Money,
it has been since the first musicians started to explore music.
A lot of the ( what we consider ) works of art
where nothing more then money makers for the composers.

A lot of the classical music was written on order and payed for.
Nothing wrong with that.

Money is a bad word these days in music.
I do know why offcourse, but it really isnt a bad thing.

I hear a lot of times that musicians should improve and get better.
You can read it all over the place. Blogs and forums filled with this crap.

Some musicians suck, they cant sing, they all play the same songs etc.etc.etc.

Strange to see that this is also said by other musicians,
but when it comes to money then everyone has the same stand ( in general )

Music and Money dont get along.

If this is true then you can not complain about the music on SL.
You cant complain on free stuff ?
Would you complain if you get a freebee dress and it doesnt look nice ?
Course not, you throw it away and buy one…..

A venue has no right complaining if they dont pay.
A musician has no right complaining about a venue if they dont get payed.
Tips are no payment, they are a bonus.
We should keep on tipping if we like what we hear and see.

If i ask someone to paint my house,
and dont pay him and he screws it up then it
would be dumb to complain. I can not demand anything without a payment.
I can give him some bucks if i like it,
but if he screws it up he doesnt get anything.

If i pay someone to paint my house i can set a standard.
I pay so i decide how it must look,
if he screws it up then i can complain and demand
that he fix it to what we agreed on.

If you hire a musician to play a gig and you pay him or her,
you have the right to demand a certain quality, after all it is your money.
You can demand something in return of the fee you pay.

If you get hired by a venue you also can demand things.
You could say :

“listen, you pay me to deliver a good show,
but you don’t put my shows in the events list ?
I want you to list it, in order to try to get as mutch people in as we can
so i can do the job you pay me for.”

they want you to do a good show,
so you can expect something in return as well.

When money is involved you will see that the quality of music would improve.
Oepssss what the hell did i say !!!

I hear that it is hard work to play on SL, so ???
Playing on SL is your personal choise, noone asked you to do this.
You cant complain if you agree to play for free.

If an artist gets payed then he better deliver quality,
otherwise he wont get new bookings.
Noone pays a musician that sucks,
especially if there are musicians who deliver what you ask for.

The general opinion is that musicians should get a more professional attitude
to their music, at lease that is what i read between the lines.
But why ?

The general idea is that money is bad
and you should do it because you love to do what
you do, and this is what is going on right now.

A bad singer who cant play, loves what he is doing.
He or she loves to sing ( bad voice or not ) but he or she is having a blast.

We can not say anything about that, it wouldnt be fair.
We dont pay after all, so we can not demand quality.
We can ask for it, beg for it, but we cant complain.

You all know by now that im not a Madonna fan.
But last year she earned more then 160 million.
She has sold over 250 million records worldwide,
a building full awards and gold & platina records.

The reason ?
she delivers quality…….

sure her voice isnt that good,
the music might be not that superb.
sure she uses recorded tapes during her shows.
But at the end she delivers what we expect.

If she wouldnt have done that through out her career,
then she wouldnt be this famous.
If you like her level of quality is something else.
I dont like it, but i really dont think that Madonna cares 🙂

Bottom line is that because she is getting payed for this,
she has to deliver her level of quality.
People pay her and expect this from her.
Money isnt that bad in music.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on April 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “My Comments on the Comments ( weird sentence btw )”

  1. Sorry, bro, but when I read “Truth is that i get a lot of personal comments of people who dont want to respond in public for the obvious reasons”, I just couldn’t resist. So here it is, the link to a lovely (and appropriate) song:


  2. Funny one.

    Never saw it before but i love it 🙂

  3. Less, I told you ahead of time that I don’t care if you speak your mind. I still don’t.

    Cute song Hexx. At least you understand why people are lurking. It’s less stressful than being flamed for being honest.

  4. I prefer to get paid for a gig as my musical earnings are significant to me. If you give something away then it quickly has no worth. I am not twisting anyone’s arm to book me. I play a couple of times a week and I think this ought to be what all musicians should do. At my own discretion I do play tips only but only if I feel it is a venue that is dedicated to promoting music and not a mall with a stage at one end. This is how it works for me. I think anyone else should do what works for them.

    Except …lol….there are too many acts splurging on multiple gigs a day and they are carrying an air of staleness everywhere they go. They may think it’s all peachy but 3 or 4 gigs a day is not sustainable in any universe let alone one with little more than 1000 listeners plus they run the risk of burning out themselves or their fans and turning something precious into a chore. The best way to be appreciated is to leave people wanting more. If they can get you on tap almost any time they like they soon won’t bother as it isn’t special anymore.

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