Listening to Music on SL.

I know there are more tutorials on the net and inside SL.
But i guess it cant hurt to have another one, after all we try to do the same thing.

Inform new people how to enjoy music on SL.

First of all, let us make sure you have activated audio in your preferences.
Look at the picture and locate PREFERENCES ( or just hit Ctrl+P )


You can set a lot of things inthere, so you might want to look around a bit,
not now offcourse 🙂 now we focus on music only.
As you can see, lots of things go on there.
Normally all settings are Ok but just check it to be sure.

Click on AUDIO & VIDEO


I marked the things you need with a red circle

this activates the music player that is marked at the bottom
( the play button next to the music notes )

you have no music player at the bottom, so you cant hear live music.

Check the boxes ( the other one is for video that is sometimes used )
hit APPLY and the players appear as shown in this picture


If you go now to a place where there is live music,
you can use the music player to listen.
I shall explain more about this later on, first you gotta hear something right……
Most sims use a radio station when there are no events,
hit the play button to see if you can hear something.

If you dont hear anything it can be that you didnt checked the right boxes,
So check that again, or that the sim you are in now doesnt have a stream running.
Go to another sim to see if you can hear something,
most times venues or malls have allways some music running.

Next to the music player, you see a small loudspeaker with a pop-up menu


here you can control what you want to hear.
I allways have everything down except MUSIC and MASTER.
You know those loud screaming gestures ?

they are fun to use, but during gigs it can be annoying.
most gig hoppers have SOUNDS turned off so they dont hear them.


oeps, im spamming with HOOOO but i dont hear it myself 🙂
if you dont want to hear them,
slide the slider to the left
or click the loudspeaker next to it to mute it.

Back to the menu


MASTER speaks for itself, turn that off and you dont hear anything.
MUSIC this is for the stream, if this is off, you dont hear the musicians
MEDIA sometimes people play video clips or stuff like that,
this slider controls the volume of that
VOICE speaks for itself i guess, it controls the volume of voice
AMBIENT and UI are the SL sounds you hear,
waves-shoe sounds when you walk-birds etc.etc.etc.

Personally i dont want to hear anything except MUSIC, so i have every slider to the left
except MUSIC and MASTER.


But you can play with it to see what works for you.

Now you should be able to hear the musicians on SL.
Here you can read how to find gigs on SL

Using Events

Some other things regarding visiting live music events on SL.
And this is all my personal view, i am not representing anybody or the music scene.

some newbees to gig hopping have tolled me that they dont like to go because
they dont have money to tip, they are not sure yet if SL is something they really like,
so buying lindens is not an option right now.

Dont worry, noone will blame you if you dont tip.
Some people tip. some dont,
Some tip 1500, some tip 25

A musician and venue appreciates all tips,
they understand that some of us dont have money or less then others.

Dont worry about this,
if you really like the music or venue there are more ways to show this.
Let them know how you feel about what you hear,
send them an IM or throw it in the chat.
IM your friends and TP them in,
Join there group so you get notices when they play again
or have other events at the club.
Bring your smile 🙂


as i tolled earlier, i dont hear them
but some of us do.
To see what i mean you should visit a random crowdy gig
and slide the SOUND slider wide open……

Sometimes its hard to hear the music

Other gestures are like 15 rows of chat spam.
Fun to do, but be gentle with them.
Musicians like to read the chat to see what is going on
and its hard to do that when its covered with ascii-art.

Feel free to use them, but dont overdo it 🙂


Normally you dont voice at a gig
You can voice with your friends,
but please use Voice IM so others dont be bothered with it.

When you dont hear a stream and everything is ok,
you can try toggling the stream,
this means nothing more then hit start and stop button
on your music player a few times.
Normally when there are more shows,
the host or others ask you to toggle in between shows.
One artist drops the stream and another one takes the stream,
this can cause that you dont hear the new artist, toggle fixes it.

Everything on SL causes lag, its something we have to live with.
Even music has to suffer from it 🙂
The technique of streaming is very simple.

An artist sends his music to a website,
that website sends it to SL,
SL sends it to you

This is a simple explanation offcourse,
but the bottom line is that it takes some time.
Normally we hear what the artist does after aprox. 30 seconds
Artists respond to chat, but we keep on chatting offcourse,
so by the time the reply of the artist reaches our ears
we are allready talking about something else,
witch is sometimes very funny.

Sometimes you will notice it in other ways as well.
Assume you like an artist and you offer friendship.
Suddenly you get the message that the musician accepted it,
while they are still playing ?
hmmm looks weird right ?

Not really, the artist is ahead of you,
so he or she is allready finished.
But because of the delay you will still hear him play,
the message of accepting your friendship offer arrives sooner
then the stream does. Normally you see that the song you hear is finishing soon.

If you dont like what you hear
then the decent thing to do is to leave,
artists are used to people popping in and out.
Browse another gig in the event list and check that out.
What is not decent is to stay and shout out that it sucks.
There are others who are enjoying what they hear,
after all taste is a personal thing.

Musicians play music and sing their songs,
in the meantime they try to read the chat and talk to their fans.
They all like to greet you in person,
but sometimes they might miss you.
its nothing personal if they do 🙂

What you should do sometime is to take the musicians point of vieuw.
move your camera so you look into the audience from the stage.

You might see that it is sometimes hard to see names.
if there are lots of people, the names mix together,
blurring into one big mess on your screen.
People in the back you can see, but names are not shown yet.

Sometimes they have a GIG SUPPORT that informs them who pops in.
A gig support is an assistant of the musician,
they send notices, invites to the group, inform the musician during the show.
But they cant see everything offcourse,
they might be inviting people to the group while you pop in,
or IM the musicians that the stream has dropped.

Happy hopping,
if you have questions feel free to ask them.
The regular visitors are allways happy to answer your questions.
And remember, there are no dumb questions.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on April 30, 2009.

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