New Review Website

Hi Music Lovers

The last days some people have IMed me about a new website.
I got all sorts of messages and didnt really knew why i would be interested in it.

Yesterday it got clear to me, its a webstite that is reviewing musicians
( with a rating system ) and some of you thought that i am involved in that.

Nope, im not.

I have gotten comments about musicians that they felt that the ratings they got
where the reason that venues cancelled their gigs.
Hard to believe that because you assume that venues know the artists that they book ?
So what another thinks of the music you book is really not that interesting.

I heard more rumours ( offcourse you would say )
and last night i took a look at the whole thing.
The website is this one :

click here

I looked and first thing i saw was this :

These ratings are our opinions. We are adding reviews, and news.

So there you have it, nothing to worry about,
just a website or blog like so many others.
And they made it clear that it is their personal opinion.

I looked at it and personally i think its strange that some artists who are rated dont have
any comments, but i guess that is their choise, nothing to worry about but if you really
want to know then just ask them ?

Someone said or i read it somewhere that this was a canadian website,
so i went to the full website to see if i could find anything.

Home Page

A nice website about SL i must say.
And it is showing who are behind it,
so i really dont understand where the rumours came from that i would be involved ?

The profiles of the 4 people are showing that they are from Portugal or speak Portuguese.
And the almighty WHOIS showed me that the domain is registered in Portugal.

So once again a storm in a glass of water ( dutch expression LOL )
Allthough the rumble behind all of this is suprising me.

First of all, i am not involved in any other website then this Blog,
its hard enough to keep this updated so why would i get involved with other sites.

Musicians should realise that they are in the center of attention.
People review you or give their opinions about you.
You can choose to focus on the bad ones, but i would advise to focus on the good ones.
maybe they are right ? maybe not ? normally the truth will be in the middle.
Some like you, some don’t and some like parts of it.
Its part of being a musician.

No need to get upset about it.
People didnt liked Verdi in their time, now we think he has the best opera’s

The thing that venues would cancel gigs is even more weirder.
Normally you book an artist that you like or that you heard play and where you think of
that it would be something cool for your venue.
What someone else thinks is not important, its your venue after all.

Just read that website, maybe you find new musicians you didnt heard before,
check em out and if you like it ……. book em.

Love, Peace and Melody


~ by homelessmartian on May 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Review Website”

  1. Hi there, I just follow your link back and as far as I noticed there is some confusion about people thinking that you it is the owner of the 2dfantasy. Yes we are Portuguese developers of the Second Life, we have that website to keep all relevant information that we reach to spread the word between the residents. The musician list that you link back (I think it is the source of the controversy) it is based on an old list made by other resident. The rating system it was a lil bit changed and it is our own rating plus some feedback from other residents, that doesn’t means that it is the overall rating neither the final rating. It is just our rating. If that it is messing up with the musician gigs, please let me know, there is no problem for me taking out the ratings and just leaving the musician names, contacts and what kinda of music they play.

    The really main goal for this list it is to concentrate all musician contacts for event promoters can look for gigs, nothing more than that 🙂

    hope that mu comment clarify the situation and waiting for some feedback.

    Big hug.

    Ps: thanks for the comment of the website, we try to do our best to a public service.

  2. This is a tricky subject but it’s a good example of how elaborate drama in SL can get. I first heard aobut this almost 48 hours ago. The first guy I heard from was having a really bad day. I can understand people getting upset about huge disapointments. They’re a fact of life though in RL or SL. The list aleady had a name of a prominent SL user attached to it and it was not Spy.

    Then I was asked by another person “Are you and Homeless friends of (blank)?” They were asking about the same person. I said no because we really aren’t close. We dont hang out together and stuff like that. The question struck me as odd so I stayed in the conversation. I was told that people were arguing and cancelling shows over this. It sounded like anyone that is a friend of the person believed to have posted the list isn’t trusted anymore. That’s crazy! And also very unwise. Do any of you really want a bad reputation for cancelling shows due to gossip? The people taking the list seriously need to think before they act or they could wind up doing damage to their own careers. I heard more about the list and the arguing so I cleared out to my private lot and worked on building a house where no one would know to find me. It’s nice having my own no drama zone.

    I think the reason people want you involved, Less, is because it makes the drama a little more believable. And there’s a chance it might get posted here too and reach even more people. I bet they didn’t count on you defusing the bomb. lol

  3. yeps, Drama show isn’t for me any mess, since I ignore all drama thing. I just came here to clarify to Homeless readers the confusion some made “about a list?” lmao. Ok, my concern it is the messing up this issue is causing to him, nothing more than that. Bugs and flies doesn’t borrow me, even if they are presuming that they have the bomb lol (let them blow alone) 😛

  4. Thanks Spy for doing this, i really appreciate it 🙂

    My advice to people is, check a musician yourself.

    Doesnt matter if your a fan or a venue.
    Go out, start hopping and hear for yourself if you like it or not.

    My reaction to drama is allway’s do defuse it right away,
    course it doesnt help mutch, but then at least i tried 🙂

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