Improvise or not ?

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Last night i had an interesting conversation,
and i have to explain first that if a conversation is interesting
then i might use the subject for this blog.
I won’t say the who and what, but the topic gets back on this blog.
Especially when i think its a good one to discuss.

This person IM’ed to explain a previous statement that was made.
It was about the karaoke guitar and that i took it the wrong way.
We talked about this and offcourse arguements where flying back and forth.
Making it a more interesting topic.

At one point was mentioned that Sound.
writes everything before he records his music, including the lead parts.
I know this is with the recorded versions
but i also knows he doesnt use sheets when he plays on SL.
Offcourse its easy, you know the songs allready and you change little things.
Everytime i hear him play a song it is a bit different then before.

Then the convo changed about improvisations.
And that is what i want to talk about today.

Does improvising excist or is it just some word used for a natural thing in music ?
When a musician plays a song two times, most likely it is a bit different.
The musician has some boundaries within he can work,
the key of the song, the rhythm, the chords, the melody.
They all set the marks for what he can and can’t play.

So i wouldnt call that improvising.

Normally people call improvising the technique
where one person plays a chord structure,
and someone else just plays whatever comes to his or her mind,
this is simply said offcourse.

Again i dont believe in this,
a chord structure sets the frame within you can do your thing.
I dont want to get to technical because non-musicians reads this too
but i shall give you an example

Lets say two buddies agree to do some improvising.
They use the scale of D Harmonic minor : D-E-F-G-A-bB-C#-D
The chords you can use are : Dmin-Faug-Gmin-Amaj-bBmaj-C#aug

The guy starts playing a 4/4 beat playing for instance : Dmin-Gmin-Amaj
the old 1-4-5 ( if it was good enough for Mozart then it sure is for this example )
The reason it is used so mutch is that this chord structure gives you all the notes of the scale.

Dmin = D-F-A
Gmin= G-bB-D
Amaj= A-C#–E

The other person must use these notes, if not then it sounds out of tune
( again simply said and this is nothing more then to show something, you can use other notes but still you are limited )

You can even specify it closer, some chords dont match that nice with other notes.
You have to pay attention to the rythm of the chords that are being played.

The music guides you,
you follow automatically and can not do whatever you want to do,
your instinct follows the music.
Is that improvisation in the true meaning ?
Not for me, for me their is no thing as improvisation.
Somebody plays something and you follow what he or she plays.
You have to, otherwise it sounds like crap.

You can say that with improvising you write real fast, in your head,
a part to the chord structure.
and play it as soon as you think of it, its dangerous,
you can not screw up because you cant change it as soon as you hit that note,
but still you automatically follow what is been played.

Lets make it more diffecult now.
The chord guy, gets wild and start to change scales and chords,
plays different rhythms.
Still the musician who improvises has to follow,
if the chord guy modulates in our example to Amaj.
you still have to follow him or her and adjust yourself to it,
meaning you got new tools to work with, but still it is all framed.

You can add other melodic instruments, that add new melodies,
still they all follow the previous things.
You Harmonise, you play counter melodies, you react.
This can be seen as improvising but its nothing more then playing
things that have to be, set in a frame of chords-rhtyhtm and melody.

The only thing that does change it are the skills of the musician.
His or hers idea on what is important and how they look at it.

All of this is offcourse just talk ( but fun to do )
So, let me hear your thoughts on this

Love, Peace and Melody



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What is good music ?
what is bad music ?
Questions we all ask ourselfs sometimes.
Its the subject of a lot of talks,
its fun to discuss about this, trying to explain to somebody why we like a certain song or artist.

Is an 18 minute symphony with a symphonic orchestra better music then an acoustic guitar who strums 3 chords ?
Is a certain jazz song with countless tempo changes, breaks and 50.000 notes in the first two bars,
a better piece of music then a childs lullaby with maybe 4 notes only ?

Its hard to put a label on good music.
I like brutal metal music, to me its good music.
The rawness, the brute emotions, the subjects of the lyrics, the technical skills.
All things i can relate to and witch i admire.

Loads of people hate it and to them it just a lot of noise.
Who is right ?

Is the popularity of a song a good guideline ?
When you are honest you have to say yes.
An album that gets solled 10 million times must have something good ?
A song that gets stuck on number 1 for weeks, must be good.
Why would people buy it if it sucks ?

Offcourse i know the whole marketing plans.
Write a catchy simple tune, create a nice video that is interesting for a lot of people,
make sure the song is heard all the time, hype it and there you have your hit.
The TV show Idols is a good example of this.

Still people go out, enter a store and buy the song.
Awhh but i can hear your think now.
“those people buy it because they dont know better,
they have no idea what good music is,
they are being tolled it is a good song by the media
so they believe that”

Is it important if you know about music to enjoy music ?
I dont know anything about architecture, and i dont wanna know.
If i see a building i can tell you if i like the design or not.
How it is build, what the architect is trying to say with it, the unique character of that architect are things that doesnt interest me.
A building is a building to me, i like what i see or i don’t.
Does that make me a bad judge ?

Same thing with paintings, i like it or not.
I dont care for the technique that is being used.
Lots of peole like the dutch painter Van Gogh.
I hate it, that guy coulndt paint.
Its fine with me that he has a special technique or used interesting colors or subjects.
I dont like what i see…….. period.
Dont i know anything about art ?

I like going to musea, walk around and watch paintings ar sculptures.
Watch and enjoy it.
A lot of times you can hear conversations like this

( people looking at a black painting with a white dot )

“Look how he tries to show us the difference between the good and the bad”
“yes. amazing piece of work, its the beginning”
“owhh yes, it all start with nothing”
“But yet he shows us the mortality of life”
“The black parts are so intense, they feel so bad”

blablablablabla and you get the picture right ?

Those are experts, most times they studied years to talk like that ~lol~
Lately i have been thinking about this.
Am i the same as that with music ?

And to my shame i must admit : Yes i am.

Why is that ?
I think because we ( experienced music lovers and musicians ) consider music to be our baby.
We all have something like that.
As you know i am a great soccer fan, i see very bad teams with loads of fans,
for them their team is the best team in the word, that they loose is because of the bad weather,
the linesmen where blind, the ball was to soft, the field to bumpy…….
Their team is simply the best.

We all have that, i cant understand why someone would even listen to Britney Spears ?
she is a nice woman nothing about that, but she can’t sing.
Yet she sells more then a jazz player who can play 10 modes at the same time with one hand,
blindfolded and rolling a new joint.
Those fans of britney must be really dumb !!!

No they are not,
they buy out of emotion, sales of music are emotion sales.
You hear something, you like it, you buy it.
You buy it because it does something to you.
If i would be really lyrical i would say,
it touches your heart.

So you buy Britney because she touches your heart,
You buy Jazz because that touches your heart,
you go to an opera because that touches your heart.
and i go to a metal festival beause that touches my heart.

So lets keep on talking about this, it is fun to do.
but remember, bad music ( in our humble opinion )
touches someones elses heart.

Love, Peace and Melody

Negative versus Positive

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The last few days i have seen a side of SL
that i only knew out of stories.
Negative rules over Positive

Its a side that i dont like myself,
i do things that i feel i need to do, regardless who or what it is.

I have decided to stop my other blog,
it isnt even started yet so i didnt loose that mutch time on it.
it is a waste of my time to continue, so why even bother.

What makes me wonder is the attitude of people,
some people are seem to getting more out of negative things
then out of positive things.
I dont get that ?

People IM me, using words they shouldnt use.
Offcourse it is an image, a way of communication, a way to look cool.
i see it as a lack of intellect to use normal language to express your feelings.
Normal and adult people dont talk like that.
I never use swearing words in my replies, it looks childish to me.
So i dont like to see it used to me,
IM’s and messages like that go to the bottom of my things todo.

I reply, because that is the decent thing to do,
but offcourse it is a waste of my time and energy.
Lucky i can multitask,
so i can still have fun at the same time, thats the good part of SL ~lol~

People show me chats and stuff like that, what is that ?
Do i care to see that ?

Besides the fact that it might be fake cause you can change words, names and times,
i really dont care what others say about me or think about me.
Yet again people focus on the negative side,
trying to achieve something or proof something.
What that “something” is, i dont know.

I read it, smile about it and dont care,
i can not check those messages myself.
So i really dont know if its a real or a fake one.
Negative overrules Positive.

I was helping a friend with some PC problems,
asking around for solutions, and some gave good responses,
thank you very mutch for that.

Others doubt my intentions with this as well, why ?
What do you care who i help and why ?

I ended up in a conversation that almost made it sound it was a crime to help someone,
making it sound i do this to get attention or something else.
Again i don’t get this ?

Helping people is good, and offcourse it gets known.
People talk about it on SL or RL
I heard about a musician who sended a piece of equipment to another one because it wasnt used anymore.
I remember Michelle’s first gig with her new computer,
fans on SL bought that for her.
She was blast away with it and gave a very good thank you gig.

Heard other stories about things like this, if i remember it right
( dont slam me if i am wrong, because i wasnt online back them so it is all hear say )
their was a benefit at The Merry Prankster one time to raise money for a computer for someone.
Hexx and Jsmn gave Soundcircel new equipment together with an anonymous musician who sended great stuff.
heared stories about money collected to support people and family’s, or to buy things for others.
Not to mention all the charity events.

And yet people wonder why i would help someone ?

I dont need to explain what i do and why i do something ?
it is not your buisness at all, it is my and the other persons buisness.
Negative overrules Positive.

I was accused to have a secret Agenda ~lol~
we all have an agenda, you might not say it or pretend to have none.
But we all do have one.

Your agenda might be to get gigs, or more listeners,
your agenda might be to get more visitors in your venue,
your agenda might be to sell more clothes

My agenda is to see if i can help people that i like.
Nothing secret about that.
I cant help it that this gets out, people talk.
often they talk more then they should but that is a fact of life.

I end up in conversations where i almost have to defend my behaviour,
why is that ? i dont owe an explanation to anyone.

People have called Soundcircel a karaoke guitar player,
negative overrules Positive.

According to the dictionairy Karaoke is :
1. A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen.
2. The performance of such music.

Yes Sound plays in a 10-12 songs set, 4-5 covers.
Yes he plays along with ( self recorded ) backing tracks.
No he doesnt use a video screen or score sheets.

Again a thing that is considered to be negative in that persons view,
is overruling the positive thing :

A guitar player who performs 6-8 original instrumental guitar songs on SL.

Your own music can not be karaoke in my book,
so the fact that someone uses backings is a negative thing ?
I thought SL was over that by now ?

Some play only acoustic guitar,
some use backings,
some use loopers

Witch way you choose is personal, and you can allways turn it into something negative.

People could say that someone who only plays acoustic
is not capable of playing other instruments
( we dont know that, but you could say it because he/she only uses the guitar )
lots of times you can hear them go through papers with lyrics and all
or look for the tabs.
We could focus on that as well, but why would we ?

People could say that using backings is not the real thing, its karaoke
( still the musician plays/sings live )

People could say that using loopers is the same as using backings.
You record your own backing on the fly
( or select the right pre-setting where you allready recorded music on,
we cant check that offcourse )

We should focus on the positive side instead of doing this “focussing on negative”

You are all musicians, doing the thing you do best
Enjoy the music, or dont go to a show.

Love, Peace and Melody

Investment Gigs

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As Musicians, Venue owners and regular gig hoppers will know,
it is hard to get new music lovers to live music shows.
“We” talk about this offcourse and we all try to interest new people to visit some shows.

So any effort to achieve this can count on my support.
Bourque Rau is organising a serie of concerts at Non Music Orientated places.
Simply said, sims that have nothing to do with music and where it is most likely that the visitors dont know anything about a live music scene on SL.

There where allready a couple of concerts,
but i am pretty sure that Bourque allways can use more places and / or musicians that would like to volunteer in this.

She gave me a notecard and i shall share it with all of you

( Notecard made by Bourque Rau )

I am organizing a series of tips only gigs from SL live musicians to be played
“out and about” for SL groups and communities who may not be aware of the availability
and variety of the live music scene in SL.
I’ve spent time searching out SL Groups with reasonably large number of members
who gather in SL for reasons OTHER than live music …
TV fan groups, sporting events, colleges, etc. …
and offering to facilitate a gig for their members
(see below for my notecard to them as explanation).

My business plan is to offer live music to the (estimated?) 80% of SL residents
who do not know you can listen to live musicians inworld with the expectation
that we will have measurable results in finding more listeners
(group adds, bigger attendance at gigs).
We are providing a hostess for each event
to lend coaching in listing the gigs and promoting to their groups,
and a notecard to hopefully be sent attached to a notice to their group
“tips to listen to live music in SL”
(if your regular staff person would like to be our hostess that would be great,
I’ll just need a brief chat with them, we need to provide a bit more coaching than usual)

I don’t expect these venues to book more live gigs, or become music venues,
we are seeking listeners, so the expectation is not that musicians will book
return paying gigs at these Investment Gig locations, although it could happen 🙂
The goal is to gain more listeners for SL music in general.
Some of these gigs will be VERY successful, some will be a bust,
so please have some pretty neutral expectations, it is an experiment,
and I’m finding sometimes these non music peeps are NOT as urgent as we are to finalize plans 🙂

If you would like to volunteer to play one or two tips only gigs, let me know,
(my IMs do not get capped). I will work to make a very good match for you,
make it easy for you to just show up and be a good ambassador,
and give you plenty of notice when I find a booking for you.
I am beginning with 20 gigs in March,
and we’ll see how it goes, and if there is positive response,
I’ll do another round of 20.

thanks, fingers crossed we can achieve measurable results
Bourque Rau


(notecard sent to groups)
The Second Life live music community is planning a serious of gratis gigs at venues
and with groups of people for whom live music is not the norm in order
to raise the awareness of the availability and variety of live music offered in SL.
I am organizing these gigs and would like to chat with you about hosting an event
at your sim or for your group.
The musicians will be waiving their gig fees and playing for you and your friends for free,
they will place a tip jar out in case folks want to make donations,
but that is entirely optional.

If you would like to schedule a musician at your sim/venue
please contact me, Bourque Rau.
We are planning to perform these hour-long gigs in the month of March,
and we can cover most days and time zones with our international artists.
The criteria we are looking for are:

— a group or venue who can bring an audience of approximately 25 or more listeners,
by putting out a group notice a week in advance so people can “mark their calendars”
and generate excitement about the event,
and a group notice at the time of the event with a LM.

— a venue host who can change the media stream on the land
and list the gig in the Live Events Calendar under Live Music with the ability to select
the correct LM for the event. I will provide the musician’s bio and music stream info to you.
We will need the LM and a SLURL to post the event to the musician’s fan group.

We will provide a staffer along with the musician to help host and answer questions
people may have about the SL live music scene.
I am sending you with a notecard entitled “tips for enjoying live music in SL”
which I’ll ask you to send out as a notice attachment to your group
when you let them know about the upcoming gig,
it will answer some general questions for people not familiar with
listening to live music in SL.

We can also provide a rezzed stage if needed.
The musician will need a “group add” at the time to rez equipment
unless build is turned on.

So if you are interested, IM me and let’s chat 🙂
Bourque Rau

So, if you are part of a group that is suitable, or you are a musician that would like to join,
feel free to IM Bourque about this

Love, Peace and Melodies

Update History

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I thought it would be a smart thing to give an update
about what is going on with the History Project.

After a smashing start it seems to be bleeding out.
And i shall give you my thoughts about this.

Lots of people ask me what happened ?
is it still on ?
what about that tour ?

When i started this project i handed out hundreds of
Notecards, IM’s, PM’s on forums and Facebook etc.etc.etc.

Sended them to musicians, venue owners, fans etc.etc.etc.
It was strange to see that only a small number took the effort to reply,
it is even stranger to see that some complained about NOT being it
but after i gave them the notecard i never heard a thing again.

Awh well, as i said in the beginning, i don’t need to do this.
A historian needs info to be able to create something,
check facts, doublecheck facts and go on to the next.

I see there is a big interest, because the History pages are still
the most viewed on my Blog.
But without info i cant do anything.
I still am on it, and new info will be added offcourse.

The same goes for the History On Tour.
In the beginning musicians and venues joined,
then it stopped and some backed out.

Again, this is cool with me.
I am very easy with things like this.
I thought it would be a nice idea to celibrate 5 years of Music,
but maybe i was wrong ?

A History Tour with only a few musicians playing in a few venues
is not a real History Tour in my opinion.

I know SL is a great but very fast metaverse.
Once you join and walk around, time seems to get a new meaning.
Lots of things can happen in a few day’s.

So i do understand that people forget about this or simply dont have
time enough of to reply.
For me it is the same, i handed out the requests and that is it for me,
i don’t have time to haunt people down for info or the tour.

Simply said :
The History Time Tabel will go on
The History Stories will go on ( if i get good stories offcourse )
The History Tour, could go on if people still want it.

Love, Peace and Melodies

Robie Bloch – Soundcircel Flanagan – Norris Shepherd

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Last night i had the luck to be at the opening of

The Mini Bar and Ballroom.

A new venue that concentrates on tinies,
but don’t worry its big enough for us big avi’s as well

It was opened by Robie Bloch,
dressed as a cute tiny she did her awesome set.
I have been written before about Robie,
i really love her voice and the songs she plays are awesome.
She has the gift to suck you into her music
and it doesnt matter what she plays,
all songs show her love for music
and she can allways wake me up and sing some songs for me ~wink~

Most people where tiny for this opening and that was fun.
However there was one little annoying fox.
He came in, started to hit on all the girls,
jumped in a hottub, he even layed his claws on Sin Speculaas
( and believe me, you don’t wanna mess with Sin ~lol~ )

Yes LittleNoisyFox Delight
( or better known as Soundcircel Flanagan ) is back
After some tech issues he totally blew us away.
We all know what happened last year,
but with the help of some dear friends
he made it back to SL after being away for 7 months.

It is hard to say something without using words like :
genius, amazing skills etc.etc.etc.

Sound had to record all new backing tracks,
playing all instruments himself.
But because he records his own backings
he is able to create new songs out of covers.
Changing parts, adding new instruments, you name it
The guy has a way of doing things and when i listened it suprised me.

How mutch talent can you have ?

Aerosmith’s Dream on,
one of my favourite alltime songs
but the way played by Sound it is even a better one.
He threw in some Eruption followed by Jump
Mixed two Metallica songs into one,
Played My Immortal, and who needs Amy Lee ?
Started Sweet child of mine as a classical piece
but slowly it became the version we know.
He even layed his fingers on Barry Manilow’s Mandy.
And who does an instrumental version of Fergie’s Big Girls don’t cry ?
Well……. Sound does

He also played a few orginals.
Sound tolled me that it is more diffecult to re-record orginals
but that he is working on it.
The orginals are even more amazing,
think Vai, think Satriani, think Oldfield but then different
i think Sound is a mutant with 4 hands and 10 fingers on each of them.
It must be ?

The thing i like most about Sound is that he is
by far one of the most gifted musicians you will find,
but he doesnt show off.
Its hard to explain what i mean,
but you would expect one big guitar orgasm.
But he plays his music and you don’t notice anything,
accept that you are constantly thinking
“how does he do that ?”

If you want to hear a true musician,
gifted, orginal and unique then make sure to catch a gig.

Later on Norris Shepherd finished the opening of The Mini Bar
but it was to late for me to see that.
But knowing Norris it must have been one hell of a party !!!
I like Norris and i am sorry i missed that one.

The Mini Bar is open now,
and if this night is going to be the standard for what they wanna do,
then i am pretty sure we can enjoy music their for a long time.

Love, Peace and Melodies

Interview Soundcircel Flanagan

•March 2, 2009 • 3 Comments

One of the most respected musicians inworld
might be Soundcircel Flanagan.

Last year we started talking about music,
and for some reason i kept sending him more questions.
It was one of the most revealing conversations i ever had.

What are your musical influences ?
there are a lot of different things in your songs

Basically i am a rock/metal fan,
but i started as a classical guitar player.
I wanted to learn the guitar and my parents said that this was ok,
but only if i learned to play some decent music.
So i did that for a few years but at that age, about 7-8 years old,
i wasn’t really interested in that music.
I wanted to play rock and not old boring music.

Looking back i am glad i got to learn it though,
it gave me a good basis to continue with music,
learned to read scores and my teacher
got me interested in the music theory.
You also learn how to play correctly
witch makes it easier to play.

So classical music is a big influence,
Progressive music is,
it has the same elements as classical but they mix
it with a lot of other styles. And i love World music.

And offcourse all music that is melodic, i am addicted to melodies
But mostly i am influenced by the old Queen

Queen is awesome, in what way did they influenced you.

The layers.
They where pioneers when it comes to producing an album,
i saw some docu’s on how they worked
in the studio in the beginning.
Spending months and months in there, trying and experimenting
to get a certain sound.
Recording for weeks and ending up
with maybe 10 seconds they used.

Brian May is a genius, the guitar parts are so simple
but so damn effective.
He “taught” me how to record,
if you listen carefull you will hear like 5 or 6 guitar parts,
some have only a note here and there, or just a few chord hits.
But leave that out and it doesnt sound like Queen anymore.
I got my love for layered music from them.
As a kid i used to crawl into the speakers to listen carefully,
blasting out their albums and trying to unfold them.

So we have Queen, what other bands do you like ?

Not many, i am more someone that likes songs.
I consider myself a Metallica fan,
allthough there are a lot of songs that i hate,
and this goes for all artists to be honest,
I prefer single songs more then complete albums.
Music has brought us some great songs
that have stand the test of time.
For me its not about the bands, the songs is what counts for me.
I dont like Michael Jackson, but he has some great songs.

Do you come from a musical family ?

Owh yeah,
both my mother and father’s family are real musician family’s.
My mother used to have an accordion duo with her brother
when they where kids, he continued and played till he died
in cover bands on weddings and stuff like that.
My grandpa used to sing in choirs,
and nephews and nices are playing as well.
Drums, organ, bass that kind of stuff.

My father’s side only has the classical trained musicians.
They all went to the conservatoria and graduated big time.
One nephew graduated on three ~lol~
He runs 3 orchestra’s now and teaches clarinet,
helps the goverment with setting up things for schools.

We have conductors, teachers, players in orchestras you name it.
And one uncle is an instrument builder,
specialised in woods and brass.

So i guess the classical music is in the genes.
Allthough i am the only one that actually writes music.
I know my nephew writes arrangements but that’s about it.

But if classical music is so big in your family
then why did you picked the guitar instead of a classical instrument?

hahahahaha, blame that on Ace Frehley
Ace was the first lead guitarist of Kiss, The Star Child.
I used to be a big fan of Kiss and Ace.
I was about 5 and the suits, make up ,
shows and music was very impressive to me.
Later i discovered that Ace was really a good guitar player,
his chromatic solo’s are pretty cool,
and he might be one of the best with that.
Gene played some wicked bass lines
and Paul is maybe one of the most
under estimated guitar players, his chords are amazing.

For me the guitar was the first instrument
that felt good in my hands.
I tried others, i started as a drummer *lol*
but once i started on the guitar it felt like coming home.
The feeling was “Ok this is me, this is what i need to do”

So you where a rocker in your chidhood ?

maybe *lol*
i allways loved rock music,
but its not the only thing i listened too,
I tried to listen to different music as mutch as i could,
lucky my sister was into pop music so she bought
and played stuff like ABBA all the time,
offcourse i sneaked in and took the albums,
but dont spread this detail around

Course not ~lol~
but euhhhhh ABBA ?

Bjorn and Benny the composers where brilliant.
Offcourse its very commercial and poppisch,
but they showed you can write interesting music that sells.

It all sounded very slick and balanced, very commercial
but the things they wrote are awesome.
A song like Chiquitita, brilliant stuff.
Very classical and you can hear how they build it up,
how they wrote each note with a purpose.
Its what i like about music,
telling a story with notes and chords,
and they where the masters with that.

Offcourse they where the perfect combo,
brilliant composers with good singers.

And you try to do the same ?

It’s the only way for me,
Music is a language that can tell a story.
The music i hear on the radio doesnt have that anymore,
its just background noisy to fill the silence.
And sometimes one song sticks out of that and thats the song i like.

So you dont listen that mutch music

Not really, offcourse when i worked we had the radio on
but it just comes in and goes out right away.
A blur in the background so to say.
And when i am home i do my own music.

You are one of the many people who lost his job due to this crisis,
so i guess you got a lot of time to play music.

Yes i lost my job, and yes i got a lot of time now
allthough i am limited offcourse

How so ?

Awh well its not a big secret, lots of people know it.
I have a couple of rheumatic related “things”
I hate the word diseases, so i never use that word

Can i ask what you have ?

I got arthrites in my foot, hips and hands,
Herniated disks in my neck and a rheumatic muscle disorder.

Wauw, sounds not good.
How does this effect you ?

Ok i shall tell you,
but then we drop this because its not a real issue for me.
Imagine that you have pain 24/7,
everything you do causes more pain
then the normal level of pain you have.
Its not that you are limited, but everything causes pain.

My doctors explained it to me like this.
Look at it as a battery,
your battery is full, when you do things it gets empty
but when you rest it recharges again.

My battery starts allready half empty,
when it is completly empty it only recharges a little bit
and it takes a long time for that.

The arthrites makes my fingers a bit stiff and numb,
the hernia adds some extra problems as well
Its on my right side,
so most times my complete right arm is very cold
and sometimes without strength.
You have this “leaning to one side thing”
to reduce the pressure, so your body is out of balance

Wauw, cant they do anything ?

They tolled me they dont operate that hernia,
its to risky and wanna do it when nothing else works.
so they treat it weekly,
stretching your neck and stuff like that.

I tried painkillers for the muscle pains,
but nothing worked so they wanted me to try morphine
but i kindly said no to that,
im not going on a daily basis of morphine.

I could make it easier by quiting music,
thats what the doctors ordered me
“We forbid you to touch an instrument”
yeah right *lol*
they might as well shoot me and bury me.

What are the risks when you continue ?

Loose of arm/hand functions.
Normally excercise is good,
but playing music is not really a nice excersise
the way i play is like attacking it.

But still you go on ?

I thought about it offcourse.
If i quit playing then i keep the functions for sure,
my life would be hell though.
i would have to stop the thing i love most.

if i continue then i MIGHT loose it in the end,
but at least i could do my music.

For a lot of people it would be easy,
they stop music and adjust theirself.
I know i wouldnt be able,
i would become a bitter grumpy man.
Not a real pleasure to live with.
If i cant do music then life has no purpose.
So i take the risk…

How do you feel after a show ?

i thought we should drop this ?
After a show my hands are burning and feeling weird,
numb and stiff so to say
i try to hide it and adapt my show to it.
I had one fan that could hear it when i suffered,
now that was weird to notice

How could he hear that ?

She *lol*
One show Nya ( she desgined and created my fireworks )
imed me with something like :
“your having pain right ?
i can hear how you stretch the notes longer then normally,
playing a bit slower”

And she was right, you learn little tricks,
stretching notes longer, reducing the speed.
Instead of 32 notes you use 16th notes,
you talk a little bit more,
play more slow songs etc.etc.etc.

Thats why i never did back to back
or more shows on one day,
the times it did happen where awefull.
Problem is that i cant say no as well *lol*

I remember visiting a wedding after i had a show,
not sure how i ended up there ?
But musicians where grabbing the stream
and offcourse they asked me as well.
So what do you do ?
you play a few songs and make sure to give them a good time.

I normally start with the fast and wild songs first,
then slow it down and see how my fingers react
and “gather” energy for the last part

But you go on,
and risking to loose your arm and hand function ?

I have to.
I cant do without my music,
i NEED to play,
i NEED to mess around with notes and chords.
If i dont then i probally end up in a nut house.

You mention it, so here we go,
your own music, those arrangements,
how do you write it ? how does it work ?

wauw, thats a tough question.
For me its normal to “think” like this.
I have been, and still am, analysing music my whole life.
I remember that as a kid i layed on the floor
with my head in front of the speakers.
And owh boy if someone made some noisy
“heyy, im listening here”

I listened and unfolded the music in my head,
listened what the drums where doing,
how the bass reacted to that,
what the guitars played,
how the chords where spread out
over the different instruments.

For me it was amazing to listen and listen and listen
and hear the big picture, hearing how different instruments
work together in this proces.

I loved the question and answer parts,
one instrument plays something
and another responds to that

I was excited to hear different melodies
that slowly got together and then spread out again.

At that age i didn’t really understand how it worked,
so i studied the music theory,
read every book i could lay my hands on
It fascinated me,
the fact that people could get a grip on something like music.
Remember i was still a young boy
and growing up i learned it’s nothing more then
science and law’s of nature.

what do you mean with that ?

Music is, looking at the basics, pretty simple.

You “do” something
and that energy causes the air molecules to move,
you start a wave pattern that goes on till it hits your ears
where it gets translated into the music you hear.

Fast vibrations cause high sounds
Slow vibrations cause low sounds.

As long as the waves are moving and doesnt hit your ears,
Sound doesnt excist.
Amazing when you start to think about this.
Music only excists in our brains.

Notes are nothing more then air molecules
vibrating at a certain speed.
an A is 440 Hz, meaning 440 cycles a second.
So take “something” ,
get it to 440 cycles a second
and your brain tells you it’s an A.

Music theory is not a book of laws,
like all theory’s it is just an explanation of what happens
when you do something.
Theory tells us that if you take 3 strings,
and let them all move with cycles
of 440, 523 and 660 Hz
then your brain hears an A minor Chord.
It doesnt say that you NEED to,
but if you do then you got an Amin.

We gave it that name,
but its nothing more then vibrating air.
I use to work with machines and the rotating parts
cause vibrations as well.
sometimes it was fun to mess with the motor speed
to try to get a certain tone,
the machine itself became an instrument *lol*
Fun to do but it showed me that it doesnt matter
what you take, get it to the amount of cycles
and you got yourself a tone.

People overrate theory in my opinion.
They keep on nagging about little details
while in fact it’s very simple.
Play something that sounds nice and i explain why..
Play something horrible and i explain it as well.

They created the most crazy rules in theory,
making it sound like it is some stupid law,
while in fact those rules are nothing more
then finding a decent way to explain
why that part sounds nice.

Theory only explains
why something sounds beautifull or horrible.
It’s all science, natural laws and mathmatics.

That kinda kills the romance in music doesn’t it ?

Owh no, not at all.
The trick is to use that info if you need it.
It’s not that i play the guitar and think
“ok lets get this string move to 660 Hz”
you think, lets play an E,
and most times you don’t even think what note it is.
You play by ear and feeling,
let the music take over and see what comes out of it.
Offcourse you KNOW what notes harmonise and in what way,
you know what sounds good and what not.

And where does the Theory kicks in ?

Omg this is diffecult to explain.
Its a proces you go through,
you learn something and start using it sometime,
after that you really don’t think about it anymore,
you just use it.
I love the quarter notes for instance,
as a kid i learned that it has this important sound to it,
dramatic if you like.
I learned it is used a lot in anthems and tunes of news shows.
So now if i want to point something out,
or get attention for an important melody then i use quarter notes.

It’s like writing a letter,
you don’t really think : MUSIC has a M-U-S-I-C,
you know it does, and writing it down is an automatic thing.
I try to tell a story with my music,
so each single note has a meaning.
Each note has its purpose and is placed there for a reason.

Still it doesnt sound romantic,
we allways have those ideas of composers that are being dumped and then take their guitar and write a beautifull ballad.

I know, but those artists are doing the same thing.
You know that a minor scale sounds sad,
so automatically you take a minor scale.
Most of those things just happen without thinking.

The brain responds to those things.
Remember those slot machines ?
the rolling bars with the fruit pictures ?
When they stop you hear a nice sound.

What they do is, the ones i knew offcourse,
play a C major chord.
first roll let you hear a C,
then next an E
and the last one a G
It makes people feel happy,
so they stay and throw in more money.

I never realised that ?

Those things are everywhere.
Composers mess with your mind.
We can make you feel sad when you are happy
We can make you dance when you don”t want to
You name it.

A sad movie with a happy tune isnt that sad
A horror movie with funny music turns it into a comic.
Music is very powerfull

Do you realise this when you write ?

you just write the song
and what it does to people is very personal.
The majority gets happy with majeur scales,
but i know a few people who cant stand them

I do realise it when i think about a song,
i mean you know what scales and chords give the effect you want.
You know how people respond to certain things.
If i want them to feel sad
then i better not write a happy cheery melody.
You think about what you wanna tell people,
and what things you need to achieve that.

If you play a non-oriental scale on a sitar
then it still sounds oriental,
the sound of that instrument is bigger then the notes.
So use that and people get an oriental feel.

All instruments trigger something in your brain.
You can use that to get your message out.

Strange question,
but do you think of yourself more as a guitar player that writes songs, or a composer that happens to play guitar ?

I guess i am more a composer/producer then a guitar player.
The guitar is just a tool to get the job done.

Back to that Theory stuff,
do you think its important to know all of this ?

Depends what you want ?
Some musicians are happy to play 3 chords for their entire life,
and some are never happy.

As i said before, Theory is a tool,
most musicians play by ear and when you analise it they play perfectly according to The Theory,
because Theory only explains.
So play something that sounds nice
and you follow automatically The Theory.

We all follow The Theory but a lot dont even know it,
the same goes for the laws of gravity,
we all live up to those laws,
but most of us dont know a damn thing about it.

So in fact its a load of crap ?
i mean, it seems to me
that you allways play something that sounds nice ?

Yes, but…….
You can use it to improve your music.

in what way ?

I use the little elements of music as a language.
I dont sing so i need other ways to tell my story.
Notes, Chords, the sounds i use, the way it is produced,
all are being done for a special reason.

The more you know about this, the better you can use it.
Music theory, the theory on how frequencies work,
the science of music so to say.
It all works together and if you understand it
you can use it to create better music.

have an example ?

let me think …

I use a lot of layers in my music,
it gives me more instruments to work with
and you can create great things with it.
Problem is that you are limited by frequencies.

If you have two instruments
playing the same frequency range then they rule eachother out
so to say, with a band with drums, bass, guitars and vocals thats no problem.
Drums and bass are in the same range but thats not a problem,
the guitars are but they can harmonise.

The more instruments you use,
the harder it gets to find space in the spectra.
I never play full chords on the guitar,
would i do that then i dont have room for other things
So i spread the chords across the spectra,
bass plays a note, the high instruments play some
and the guitar fills the gaps,

or the guitar plays some intervals
and other instruments fill it up

or i use 2-3 guitar lines
each playing a single note from that chord.
or i just turn it around,
high instruments playing bass notes, l
ow instruments play melody.

Boring to record offcourse but the end result is what counts.
You have to think differently with layers,
you dont fill the spectra, you make room in it.
So you learn very good what notes are important.

If you dont know the science behind it, you can’t use it.
A lot of producers use EQ to fix something, i never do this.
They boost or limit certain ranges
because they get smotherd
or they feel that some range is not enough present.
That doesnt make sence to me,
why record a certain range and then reduce it in the mix ?
When i write i keep this in mind,
so i dont get in trouble during recording,
and i dont have to fix this.
I like my mixes to be open and fresh and as clean as possible.

A lot of work is done in the pre-production fase,
i know what i want, how the end result must be,
what effects i want etc.etc.
I keep all of that in mind before i start recording.

I approach my music the classical way,
those guys had their own language.
They used the notes to tell the story,
If they would have to write a mass for church
and the bible tolled how Jezus went up to heaven,
they let the music go up in pitch.
The triplets where to represend the holy three some,
The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

I learned a lot of that and kinda designed my own language.

Yeah right
( /me scratches his head and wonders why he even decided to have this interview ? )
You approach music very technical arent you ?

Not at all, it seems like that because i am exlaining it now.
Normally this happens all in a flash, you dont think about it.
You play or listen to music
and this stuff just goes through your head.
How can i record that, what must i use to get that sound,
what happens to the frequencies when i do this ?
it all flashes through your mind when you play something.

Sounds kinda exhausting ?
Dont you just listen/play and enjoy ?

Not really,
as i said before you learn things
and then you use them without thinking.
For me it means i am constantly analising music,
analising and thinking about how i would have done it,
listening to tv tunes and movie theme’s and how they talk to us,
listening to how music is being used
and what kind of effect it has on people.
I listen and discover new things and use that,
its like a circular process.

Once you start doing this, there is no turning back.
It just happens and you cant do a damn thing about it.
I hear music and my brain re-acts by ripping it apart,
re-organise it, add new layers,
thinking about how something is done,
thinking about why they use that certain note on that certain place.

when i play or write i get lost, i forget time and place,
you can let a bomb go off and i wouldnt notice it.

Hahahahaha i heard that from other musicians as well

I guess we all have that.
I remember a few good stories about that.

I was about 14,
cycling to school and i had the first few hours free,
meaning i was all alone on that road.
I started to hum some melodies,
and a few hours later i realised i wasnt at school but cycling around and humming
Course i got dentention and stuff but i didnt cared.

CoOoOoL, have more of that ?

A few years back,
i was still married and one night some boring show was on TV,
i tolled my ex i would go upstairs and record some stuff,
next thing i remember it was 7 am
and i wrote and recorded all night.
Course i was a mess at my work but that happens *lol*
It turned out she had asked me a few times
if i would come to bed,
but i just mumbled “yeah, yeah in a minute”

Or movies, hard to follow for me,
i hear the music and get sucked into the world of music,
in my head i re-arrange it add new things to it
and when the movie is over i have no idea what it was about.

Is it hard for people to live with a guy like you ?

Not sure if i am the right person to ask ?
but i would have to say, Yes.

Musicians are egocentric,
“we” want that everything evolves around our talent.
I need time to write and record,
if i dont get it i take it one way or the other.
if i get it i take more and more….

I cant help it

If i dont write then i get insane, i NEED to write music.
I hear music all day long,
when i talk to someone i dont hear the words
i hear the melody and rhtyhm,
when i drive the sounds around me get together
and create a symphony in my head.
It goes on and on and on,
all that music has to come out.
Once i start then i am inside MY world
and its hard to get me out.

No problem offcourse, but i slip very easy in MY world.
I love to walk my dog,
but when i do that and listen to the sounds of nature
then i slip into it,
i unwrap the melodies that the birds sing,
add harmonies to it etc.etc.
and before you know it
you walk around for a couple of hours.

is it some kind of escape ?

Hmmmm, could be ? dont know ?
Music is MY thing, i feel safe there, i can control it
i can let it do what i want,
i know what i am doing, how to do it.
it’s MY world.

Outside the music i feel lost,
have no idea what a lot of people want,
i dont understand them or the world around us,
they nag about ( for me ) small and meaningless things,
the gathering of worthless crap,
third holidays etc.etc.etc.

Running around in that rat race to get more and more.
I cant relate to that,
just lock me up in a studio and i am happy.
So maybe an escape from reality ?

You are being respected as one of the most talented musicians. Does it bother you that they say that ?

It’s strange to hear that,
im just “some” guy playing “some” tunes,
nothing special about it.

I mean,
it’s nice to hear that people enjoy what i do and that they get something out of my music,
but i never know how to respond to that.
For me its nothing special, i do this as long as i can remember

Everyone i speak is saying the same thing though,
Sound. is a genius, that must do something to you ?

Offcourse its nice to hear, but it sounds weird.
Im not a genius, just a dude playing some music

yes but you a have an unique way of writing and using your guitar,
why dont you play normal ?

hahahahaha, i do play normal !!!
well sort off…

Guitar is just and instrument,
and like all instruments you should try to develop it.
Its funny to see that most guitar players are very conventional,
its almost like an insult to change the well known guitar sound.
I like to play with that, like to change the sound as mutch as i can.

Thats why i love Steve Vai,
a pioneer when it comes to this.

I dont like to shred or play fast just to show off
it has to have a meaning,
solo’s and stuff have to go somewhere.
If it doesnt then its just a show off thing and i hate that.

How long are you playing and how did you develop yourself ?

I am playing guitar for more then 30 years now,
and develop ?

Practise, thats it, listen to others and practise.
as a kid i use to play about 3-4 hours a day,
in my teens it went up to 5-6
and when i joined bands i normally played about 8 hours a day.
with some days off 12-14 hours….

have been doing that till i was about 28 and got married,
then it dropped down to 2-3 hours
and now i play as mutch as i can.

thats a lot.

i love doing it,
love to fool around, explore it.
Play something and then turn it upside down.
add notes to excisting chords, and see what happens.
Play a melody and see what happens if you change things,
experiment with techniques, what happens when i do this ?
what sound does it give when i do that and how can i use it ?

What do you think your fans get out of your music ?

Owhhh Less, don’t you have easy questions ~lol~

I hope they get some piece out of it and that it helps them,
well i know it does actually.

In what way ?

I know that the parents of the little baby girl
still play The Rose Within,
I know some people that wake up
and first thing they do is play my music,
People tell me they have it on their cell phones,
or burned cd’s and playit to relax and de-stress.
I know a woman that is suffering a lot of pain
she play’s my music to forget the pain for a few minutes.

Wauw, how does that make you feel ?

for me its the reason to keep on doing what i do.
It feels so good to be able to give something to people with music.
It gives me the strength to go on.

You are on a break and planning to return,
how is that going ?

We are getting there,
Lots of people have helped me so thats a good feeling.
Its amazing to see that they wanna help me.

I am recording new backings for a new set.
So thats pretty cool.

Whats your goal for playing SL ?

Nothing mutch to be honest,
i just wanna have some fun and play my music.

Earn money ? get famous ?

hahahahaha, yeah right.
I dont think thats a realistic goal.
Offcourse you can earn some money
or try to chase that fake stardom,
but thats not really my thing

What do you mean with that ?

It doesnt matter if you look at RL or SL music,
it is all one big bubble.
It hasnt got anything to do with the escence of music.

There should be a law to forbid shows like Idols or award shows
What has that got to do with music ? nothing at all.
We had a lot of those shows in Holland,
noone made it to become the big star they promised ?
but the show earns a lot of money, so they all go on.
People chase their 15 minutes of fame, hopeing to get on tv.
The jury ( who claims to make you a star but fails )
is still there earning their money.

Its all fake, a bubble,
they allready know who wins
and just make shows to get people to call.
I am allways suprised to see the last show,
they show the voting stats and owh boy its a close call
all the artists are still close together people
so make that phone call !!!!
yeah right,
they knew the winner allready when they started *lol*

I never understood those award shows,
Grammy’s, MTV awards, TMF awards
and whatever they are called.

well i do understand them but it doesnt make sence to me ?
Last year Rick Astley won the Best Act Ever Award with MTV.
And they espect me to take awards serious ???? *rotflma*

The guy had succes for what ? 3 years maybe ? having 3 hits or so ?
I would feel humiliated if i was a selling artist
and they give Rick an award like that.

But i have that with all awards, im a big soccer fan.
You got your awards for best player in the world
and best player in europe.
So a player could win the Best Player in the World,
but become third in the Euro zone ????
*lmao* yeah that makes sence to me.

Well you know how it is.
“We” are stars on SL but once we leave our house
then noone knows who we are,
even my neighbours dont know i am a musician.

My family knows
but they think i am just your regular chord strummer.
Hitting a few chords with the campfire.

I am playing on SL for almost 2 years now,
Its nice to have contact with fans directly,
its nice to be able to play for people that are getting what i do,
that are in other countries, but i think we overrate it.

There are like 60-70,000 people online at a certain moment,
maybe there are 20-40 people in your show
looking at the average amount.
Before i had this break
i was on an average of 20-30 listeners each show.
I played orginals and maybe did 3-4 covers,
all instrumentals, never asked for one gig in my life,
they where all offered to me.

I dont think those are bad numbers,
if i wanted i could have played daily.
Venues offered me there calendars to fill in my own gigs…

Is that fame ?

You will see the same faces at your show constantly,
you get to know them.
Witch is good but can be dangerous
because you can confuse yourself
thinking you are some hotshot.

Lets say you do one show a day,
that doesnt mean you have 150-200 unique listeners
It means that maybe 50 unique people visit you in one week.

Is that fame ?

Maybe i am not celeb enough, i dont know.
I just wanna play my music,
dont care if there is only 1 or 100.
I did shows for 5 people and had as mutch fun
as the SL 5th birthday with a packed sim.

Dont get me wrong, playing on SL is awesome.
the contact with fans, the ability to do your thing
and the fact that people like what you do is great.
But i dont confuse that with stardom,
once i turn off my pc
noone knows or cares about Sound anymore.
Its not a bad thing, its reality and we all have that.

Interesting view

Thank you *lol*
I love the SL music but i hate the crap that is involved
Ask a fee or not, tip or not, play there or not etc.etc.etc.
I didnt cared mutch for that,
i used to mention the venue tipjar
but never mentioned mine,
i didnt even have one to be honest.
Most times i forgot to mention my group as well.

Just put me on stage and let me play,
you wanna pay me ? thats cool
you wanna tip me ? beautifull
wanna be in my group ? awesome

but im not going to nag about those minor details.

Playing SL is expensive,
if i do 3 shows a week thats about 30-40 euros
on guitar strings only, i change them for every show,
you got your loss of time, one show takes 3 hours all together etc.etc.etc.

I dont mind others that are asking fees,
i totally respect them and do understand it

My feelings have been smashed around about this,
one time i think,
damn just pay me i have a pro attitude when it comes to music.
I record my own backings, prepare myself 100%, make sure i improve myself, and i give you a good show.

But then the other time i think, what do i care ?
give me a stage and a stream and leave me alone…

I have mixed feelings about this stuff.
And it all depends on the weather i guess *lol*

one of the things that was pointed out to me is
LittleNoisyFox Delight
a tiny alt you created
and what people told me,
maybe the only tiny that got famous as musician.

Ahhhh the little bugger *lol*
Noisy is cool to do

So whats the story ?

The official one ? or the the truth ? *lol*

Im not sure how it started ?
i think i just got a tiny one day and walked around like that,
i allways messed around with different Avis,
for a long time i was a Fairy as well.
offcourse people saw the name tag of Soundcircel
and that bothered me.
I created an Alt and Noisy was born.

The Official story is that Sound got a piece of his own cake,
Foxy of VLB gave me the title Trouble in Da House,
im kinda famous for my spamming during VLB gigs *lol*
VLB gigs where allways fun
and i had a “thing” going with Maggy,
she started to throw out the Howling gesture
an then i did it as well,
and we would see who could do the most.
Offcourse i win,
i can spam everyone to hell and back *hahahahahaha*

So Sound was walking around Bliss Gardens,
ran into Witchone Witherspoon
( a friend of mine )
and she decided to offer Sound a drink with a spell
because Sound is a bratt.
Allways smart-ass remarks, flirting etc.etc.etc.

That drink made Sound turn into Noisy,
so SL would be saved from Sound,
it didnt worked,
Noisy is even worse then Sound *roflma*

How so ?

Well, Noisy is even a bigger flirt
more annoying then anyone.
Noisy thinks he is the only rocker on SL,
and that all musicians need his help.
Offcourse he thinks that he can get all chicky’s
and would like to be treated as a celeb.
Because he is the only rocker living the rockstar life.

It was fun, musicians use to respond to that.
BubbaC John use to have me on stage
and put on a funny voice pretending that Noisy sang
he changed the lyrics in some weird ones offcourse *lol*

But what did you do then ?

Basically entertain.
Not many know this but its hard work,
With Bubba and offcourse with Joaquin
i had a chemistry thing going.

Bubba just sang and he reads the chat,
so Noisy was constantly talking,
making remarks and typing that he played some wicked solo’s or taking pics under skirts,
Bubba responded to that and there you have it……

Joa was even more fun.
He used to pretend i was really there,
and sometimes people did believe it *lol*
Joa asked Noisy what he would like to play,
so then i said “lets play something for the chicks”
Joa started and i listened to the things he played
and responded to that.

If he would play faster then Noisy would say
“ok my turn Joa, give me some chords”
Joa read chats and responded as well,
we allways use to scan for chicks to take backstage
and in he hot tub *lol*
Course it never happened
but people respond to things like that,
funny thing was that they would get more tips because of Noisy.

We had a whole story going,
Noisy and Joa got a deal on guitars,
so we have the same guitars and thats why we sound alike *lol*

One night some guy asked us if we where really streaming together and Joa said something like
“yes, i am in Argentina and Noisy is in Holland”
i picked up and said that i stream to Joa, and Joa to SL*hahahahahhaha*
it was a big compliment though,
it showed we where really connecting to eachother.

It was exhausting sometimes,
you have to pay attention to the artist on stage,
what does he or she play, what do they say.
at the same time you read the chat and have to respond
quickly to everything that is going on.
You are constantly typing and need to focus real good.

But you never did your own show as Noisy ?

A few times it happened.
Noisy was mainly a DJ at Nubia,
those nights where legendary *lol*

I could play Noisy on air,
so i could make remarks and flirt and stuff
but didnt had to type.

Noisy was a fun DJ,
never payed attention to requests
and raising one hell of a party *lol*
He used to mess up your request
if he thought it was a bad one.

Some clubs hired me as well
and some have offcourse theme nights,
well not with Noisy *lol*
Noisy doesnt care for that *lmao*
So he DJed a Golden Oldie party playing only modern stuff
or a rock night with only ballads *hahahahahaha*

But it still is an alt, a fake identity

the avi is offcourse, i dont look like a fox *lol*
But Noisy is just as mutch me as Sound is.
I dont believe in playing a role on SL,
i think you allways show something of yourself.
So the things that Noisy is saying and doing
are the things that i would say or do in RL as well

i guess its why he is loved,
its real, its not just remarks that i dont mean.
I do those things in RL as well *lol*
Throw me in a bar and i start you a party…..

Time to wrap this up,
any last words of wisdom

Wisdom ????
euhhh 2+2=4 ?

For me this was an interesting interview,
i learned some stuff about music and how some musicians look at it.

Next Sateday Soundcircel will be playing a comeback gig ( dressed as Noisy )
at the opening of the Tiny Bar and Ballroom.

More details will follow.